Early Access version 91

I don’t think it’s a bug at all. Player rotation is probably treated as a global thing, which makes sense considering that it’s also tied directly to the direction of gravity (aka in what direction powerups and other pickups fall).
Would that be possible to change? Maybe, but gravity would still have to be the same for all players (probably determined by the host’s rotation).

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Big bug: Satellites no longer work. I have them equipped in the Fleet section, but they don’t appear in-game.
Not only in multiplayer missions. Even if multiplayer is not selected, I still don’t see my satellites.

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You mean player directions can be changed without affecting other players and the gravity (unless the host player)?

Me too. @InterAction_studios Multiplayer brings many issues and bugs …

I cann’t agree. Imagine you play The Fortress, 2 rotations for you to choose, and you must follow everyone direction because someone change ?

Don’t ping IA rapidly for everything.

Ok :frowning: , sorry about that

I don’t remember falling food in TF2.

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I have no idea what The Fortress 2 is, so I’ll assume you’re talking about Team Fortress 2.
TF2 is a multiplayer game at its core, this isn’t.
Anomaly zones are a new feature to the series, so there is no precedent for how they should work in multiplayer. All instances of player rotation in CI4 and 5 were controlled by the game with absolutely no input from the players, so there was no reason to implement per-player rotation back then.
There are multiple potential reasons why IA didn’t change their behaviour for multiplayer. Maybe it would’ve been too much work? Maybe it’s because of engine limitations? Maybe he didn’t think it would be an issue? Maybe he just didn’t think about it at all?
Like I said, I doubt that this is a bug. It’s just how the feature is implemented in the game at the moment, which may or may not change in the future.


I mean the wave The Fortress: Chicken Invaders Universe - The Fortress but with wider corridor - YouTube . Seriously, haven’t you met that wave ?

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Another bug: Double Team missions are also available for non-CHL owners, but the server doesn’t let them join (The game sticks in route mode). Shouldn’t these missions be grayed for them with warning?

And this button sometimes looks brighter in multiplayer section.

Ah. Didn’t notice where the comma was.
Doesn’t change the rest of what I said.

They can join, actually. I’ve been able to do that several times despite not having CHL.

Weird. I couldn’t join and waited around 5 minutes. Hadn’t this problem for other missions.

In my opinion, when someone use anomally zone, its effects should only affect them, not for everyone. That will make things go better. And in the boss Feather Brain, do you ever think what will happen next when 2 player stand on different anomally zone at the same time ? Well, a logical paradox appear: What effect will last ?

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Agreed, but the host player should determine about the gravity and not anyone else.

that’s still annoying if the host is on the opposite side during feather brain

This shouldn’t be an actual problem. Multiplayer is so laggy and the serve mimics my moves after a second and got died more than others. :confused: And I guessed right: Some players still don’t use Pro-Gamer mode. Someone used Noob-Gamer mode actually, because of big-ass screen shakes and painful slow stage transition.

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Well, i don’t think multiplayer mode is a wise thing that should be in CIU, at least not like what it is right now.