Early Access version 79

The new projectiles of the both chickens are not good. I will repost the post.

just make the toxics blue

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why blue, purple would make more sense

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make them transparent

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For some reason HUD highlight 5 is way brighter than others, making the selected colour incorrect. Pure blue colour is selected at both screenshots.

Why didn’t I got a medal for this one?

Also if you used Score\Key Insights and travelled to the locations when you can earn more keys\points, then played a competitive mission, would that effect its score\key amount?

How about when exploring only one wormhole “Travel through wormhole” button be disabled or grayed locked leaving a message that says “You must explore more wormholes first”?

I found some:

Since the last version, I noticed that when I leave the game like this:

Then I enter it back later I found my self automatically at “Accounts” section. At first I thought it was just me, but it happened multiple time and the last time was just now and I made sure I didn’t enter “Accounts” section, why is the game doing that?

Google the spelling

It’s wrong.


Did someone saw this?


Uh yes, it’s the new incoming disconnection warning icon


It’s the new disconnection warning. It starts after 15 seconds of network inactivity, and then it will stay there for roughly 10 seconds, unplugging itself more and more. After it fully unplugs, you’ll get disconnected.
(It shows up 10 seconds into that video)


I found something (maybe)
When Shady Dealer is inside the planet, I can’t click on him.
Looks like the clickbox is covered by the planet

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seeing warning lines are hard in a moment and on the side of the monitor!


What are that locks?

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anonymize player

Aka :lock::lock::lock:


could the disconnection icon be moved down a bit, since it covers the progress bar in missions?

Pls multiplayer with friends :100:


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idk this bug lol

Assuming you were playing with mods, something went completely wrong.