Early Access version 77

the shop items are transparent so the background color affects the shop colors

you can see the background behind the items

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@InterAction_studios sorry but, can you make the About button scroll down to the INTRO DUCTION?

@InterAction_studios Sorry I had a question. Is it possible to put different themes for shopping in the game? I always like to play with a Halloween theme.

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If you mean only colors, people can manually make their own themes, but if you mean editions with different chickens & egg colors, I asked in before and he replied:

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Well, there an idea for chicken reskins, costumes, etc:

And while all of the Halloween costumes aren’t there, you can suggest them in a reply if you want them to be a part of Pidgey’s idea.


@InterAction_studios :

Slobs isn’t fair at this wave:

(From Ironman).

Could Pecking Order be added to the wave above?

When you fail/surrender a mission the :x: doesn’t appear at “Favorites”, “Recent”, “To-do” and “Assignments”, they should appear. Also could comments at favorated missions be shown at the 4 sections above and the original mission place?

How about backwards meteors be slower than normal ones?

Could you add a frozen asteroid belt in galaxy map? The asteroids will look like CI2 Xmas ones, their missions will have Frozen environment. You can also enable Electric environment at some asteroid belts too.

Feather Brain needs about +33% health buff because you can kill it too quick(even with H&C), it has multiple types of attacks so it should stay longer.

When “Giant Robotic Space Crab” throws 4 chickens at once it’s almost impossible to dodge them with Bombers, is there a way on how to dodge them? Like should I stay near Crab then move down? Is it possible to reduce Chickens’ speed only at “Giant Robotic Space Crab” battle?

Or maybe you could zoom-out more so it can be more easier to dodge the chickens.

If there are 2 gifts, 1st Corn, then Boron for example and you have appetite attractors and you ran fast at them you’ll grab the Boron 1st instead of Corn. I know when you move fast the attractors may even miss some stuff but is there a way to fix that?

If you took a closed look at Mysterious Ship you’ll notice it has CI3 background reflect on it:

I know it’s a little thing but the reflect should be changed, I was gonna suggest to make its reflect change according to the background you use but that’ll be a huge work+effort over a little thing if I’m correct. So I think it’s easier to disable the reflect since we can use other backgrounds.

Retro missions coordinates should be disabled because you can find wormholes easy by looking at assigned retro missions’ coordinates, make the coordinates only visible if you explored that wormhole.

Also if the player not left wormhole orbit but still stayed near it, will his contacts be able to locate him? It should be disabled.

The knifes speed of Special Forces should depend on difficulty, this should be applied to Special Forces from “Brothers Reunited & Chicken Exponitality” only, because I fought “Brothers Reunited” at an easy difficulty and noticed that Special Forces moves slow while his knifes are fast.

How about if the owner of a squadron has CHL, a CHL badge appear next to their squadron name? Like callsigns.

Could you make the numbers more regular:

Some scores are a little out of line, like the ones I pointed at.

When a contact notification appear at top-right, then you fly a mission, the notification disappear immediately, is this fixable?

Could you disable Wave Insight at Double Team missions? Since it doesn’t make much sense.

Some items has little extra line:

Could the same be for “Bend\Kick it like Beckhen” wave?

Can “Chink in the Armor” wave have Pecking Order?

“Recent” & “Time” are fine but at “Score” section some names are squeezed:

Maybe you can make the list more bigger from the weight so the names can be normal.

Can there “Assign” button be available at “Recent” section? Like “Favorite” button and make it disabled if not completing the mission or if mission was assigned before.

There’s something at “Under Pressure” wave that Idk if it’s intended or not: When the barriers move to the right\left, at the first time they don’t give you time to kill all the enemies at the
very right\left while the next time the barriers give you more time by moving to the left\right a little bit more and staying more time too. So is this intended?

How about the gap’s size in the middle in “The Fortress” wave be according to difficulty? Like bigger at easy missions.

How about the amount of green bullets at Planetary Egg City be according to difficulty? Like Egg Cannon.


I didn’t die there, but their behavior is as weird as it was that one time when they appeared in Military Parade. Is there a way to fix it?

Were you in the middle too?


I wonder if it have anything to do with its pecking order? If this wave doesn’t have pecking order then it’s best that Slobs should be removed.

yes, then I saw them blitzing towards me and used a phaseout. The wave doesn’t have peck

Oh-ok, I wonder it you stayed at bottom-left or bottom-right instead, would you still get hurt by Slobs?

Oh, really? It should though but I guess the only option left is Slobs should be removed from that wave too sadly. I hope iA find a way to fix it without removing Slobs.

Wait, why haven’t you reported it b4?


Found it funny

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The only way is making them a bit faster, like other chickens.

Some people may also simply not like the aesthetic of the badge. That alone probably wouldn’t warrant disabling it as a feature, but considering both points there’s a case to be made.

There is something strange happened. Here one of them is Chicken Invaders Universe and the other one is from steam.

I hope this game will be available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Store for in-app purchase


I think after the release of the PC version, it will be released for other platforms as well.

that’s not strange, as both versions are seperate

Speaking about icon, I can’t see it anymore if I open desktop as a folder in the explorer. Steam’s works fine.

I just started the game, but everything is black and no music or anything and messages are showing what kind of bug is this?

Can Terminator Chickens wave have different mini bosses at once and not only one of them? (e.g. Chickenaut & Slob together)

And a chance to have both Chick Laser & Chick Gatling in Two Squared wave together?

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