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I consider that these changes are quite unnecessary, in my experience it does not affect anything that a wave is called another way, also I would accept that the wave insight does not work in the league if when they challenge me next to the score the “template” appears with the waves to so prepare. Knowing the waves is quite important in the competitive environment such as the league since you lower or raise potions, lose or gain points and information is needed. Apart from that, if the wave insight is eliminated, the challenger who already has knowledge of the waves (since he selected the game) can prepare in a better way than the challenged, causing it to be unfair.

The UHF League is like a card game. It’s all based on RNG (unless the darer reveals the card for the dared)

So another suggestion: can the darer have the ability to either show or hide the dare card? (reveal or conceal the waves within the card)

Definitely not a Gumball reference


So if it’s like a card game, would you also have random cards in the same game? in that case it would be as if my challenger threw me his own cards to play. Even so I maintain my point that it does not make sense at least to me, I do not see it as a card game like poker for example, rather as something competitive in the same scenario in which losing means losing your position. Perhaps as you mentioned it would be good to have the option of making the waves known to the challenged or not, so they would be more balanced according to how I think.

I mean, he threw you his dare card and then you can throw him your dare card after you finish his card, etc

Even so, the idea is that it is during the “turn” in which he throws his card, so I see it at least. I still maintain the idea that an option is put to know or not the waves in secret. Leaving everything to chance seems boring to me and that it can get out of control since you are competing with someone is not friendly (for now)

Dropping this, since HUD addition are mentioned

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Oh did you know this about “It’s the mother hen ship!”?

zoom in


I will say something but you all will say that I want to kill bombers. IA can you add another laser to “A mysterious ship approaches” only on 100% difficulty?

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This kills all players

Nope man

Think before you speak


The only boss that can shoot only goes up to 4 to 6 Lasers.
Why do you want this to have more lasers and how are they supposed to dodge it?

I didn’t notice that

Would make it harder for bombers

Still easy


you destroyed a tiny piece of shell at the red circle, bruh
nevermind, its in ci4

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me play perspective of an average player

Still Easy indeed coughs

The problem is the amount of space you’ll have, and how fast it attacks. There will be barely enough time for bombers to attack the boss without risking getting a tapered out beam in the cockpit.

Still possible to fight this, yes, but for the sake of the sanity of others: Let’s not add this.

Let’s not forget darkness missions AND lightning bolts

Make Blast from the past on the 100-140% diff shoot laser like a fibonacci Circle pattern IA

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And an additional sphereship or sweater chicken in Ironman

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Touhou players gonna love this