Early Access version 66

Nope man

Think before you speak


The only boss that can shoot only goes up to 4 to 6 Lasers.
Why do you want this to have more lasers and how are they supposed to dodge it?

I didn’t notice that

Would make it harder for bombers

Still easy


you destroyed a tiny piece of shell at the red circle, bruh
nevermind, its in ci4

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me play perspective of an average player

Still Easy indeed coughs

The problem is the amount of space you’ll have, and how fast it attacks. There will be barely enough time for bombers to attack the boss without risking getting a tapered out beam in the cockpit.

Still possible to fight this, yes, but for the sake of the sanity of others: Let’s not add this.

Let’s not forget darkness missions AND lightning bolts

Make Blast from the past on the 100-140% diff shoot laser like a fibonacci Circle pattern IA

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And an additional sphereship or sweater chicken in Ironman

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Touhou players gonna love this

Don’t forget to take Mass condensers and/or overkilling into consideration.

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This when ;-;

Better modify or I gonna get sued D:

totally not a Bejeweled 3/Twist reference

especially FP 20 absolver beam in a bx9 with amps

@InterAction_studios can a button appear to open up “travel through wormhole” menu (set location to the clicked wormhole" when you click a wormhole while orbiting another wormhole?

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can feather brain boss drop coin too?


Already dropped foods. Why coins.


it already drop food
so NO

let me explain with CI-type facts and logic (well not really):
“feather brain” is a chicken, so it’s not a comet or mother hen ship my dude
chickens drop food, not coins
were as comets, or eggs (in this game, not irl) are meant to drop coins

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