Early Access version 67

and out going ?

Unnecessary. You can see the full wave list when daring.


Can you change the score gain from the medal in UHF, IA (dobule the score in other to get more excited in boss rush)

iA, can we now cancel friendly dare?

I mean, friendly dare does not take place in an arena right?

By the way, this poll ended, I think: Early Access version 65 - #243 by SA-GoldenBoss128
(It’s the one where I suggested to let the recipient see the waves too)

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this would work too, maybe

If you are charging a absolver beam then paused the game then resumed it you can no longer continue charging it as it will fires automatically even if you hold before resuming.

Why would you even do that

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Balloon Chicken Hitboxes
CIU 2021-02-06 20-15-28-94
Those Balloon non hit
iA can’t Fix

Eh that normal
In CI3 balloons didn’t have hitboxes
only the Chickens Have
So… Thats Normal (why did i say thats normal twice)


I always go idle sometimes though.

I like how they don’t get damaged from the fire/smokes from the space ship engine.

What does this do?

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Thanks iA, also I noticed that full charged Absolver doesn’t work with Cowards at Overarching Chickens only(at Ironman to be exact). Is it possible to try it?

Does it apply to Boss Rushes too? I hope you made their duration be till x10? Or at least x7 because x5 is just too small.

False, it happened on other waves too for me.

Why didn’t you reported it then :frowning:

Don’t really care, cowards aren’t that dangerous anyways

But you know I died once expecting them not to shot because I was in the middle and there were Chickenauts too… and they’re the most dangerous enemies in my opinion.

If Cowards aren’t dangerous to you then nothing is, lol.

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The rule of any activity is to always expect the worse scenario. Cowards aren’t too dangerous, especially with absolver. Slobs are way more dangerous actually, shooting whenever they want. Anyway, I agree that absolver should destroy cowards’ projectiles too.

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Sorry, I meant at Ironman the whole time because their projectiles are faster.

Actually it depends on weapon type, for example the worse weapons to use at then is Riddler and the best is Absolver, then Plasma, so basically the more stronger the more better.

Yeah, but is already added that feature:

So with it not working at some waves is more like a bug.