Early Access version 64

wouldn’t it be cool if there was a boss rush where you have to kill every boss in the game (minus squawk block bosses)from the easiest to the hardest on ironman difficulty

One of the ideas for Ironman was a boss rush at the 3rd stage, but then it was discarded and replaced with the Double Team at the end of every stage.

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when i said “on ironman difficulty” i meant to be on the same difficulty as ironman bosses
but it’s still interesting

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Quick Question: Is there Pecking Order at Overarching Chickens wave? If there isn’t, I recommend to add it.

You can peck any wave if you know the order.

also, I don’t know but I like to see this:

If you’re docking in a restricted planet and then sell the auto use, you get burned to death, struck by lightning and explode or get sucked into the wormhole and never return. After a while, you “respawn in another location” with a price is 1 extra life.

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Yes, it’s just hard to get.

Not every wave



Why not Ironman Winner?


Yes, it’s just hard to get.

And how about “Do The Backstroke” wave? I don’t think it works like it does in the “Swimming In Space” wave, although they are similar in some ways.

It’s easier to peck the chicken groups that come from the right


Acknowledged, but it belongs to the “odd glitches when you pause the game on the exact frame an object spawns” category, so it won’t be fixed.

“First place” is consistent with all the other Challenge medals.


So it’s not consistent for Ironman? Sorry, but I don’t get it

UCO5 when?

Make Planetary city spawns other chickens not just chicks

Wasn’t this already suggested by someone?


It just sounds better to be called an Ironman rather than a Ironman Winner.

Makes you sound cool, and not someone who just won a hard mission.


I mean that the medals awarded for challenges (daily, weekly, space race, ironman) all begin with “awarded for first place…” . So there’s no reason to make Ironman an exception.


Here is the answer @Donny :roll_eyes::unamused:


Looks like the boss’s red bullets Superchick is a bit small compared to before

@InterAction_studios This is urgent: if your hitbox is small enough you can just stand on the chaingun to avoid the laser beam of the laser chick

I tested it with the Gatling too. The ship I used is a Legendary H&C, but probably even the Müller can fit in there and dodge the eggs/laser beam without doing nothing.
I tested it in CI5 too, and it’s possible there as well. I assume you forgot to fix it from there