Early Access version 60


This also has been suggested before but idk If its the first

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iA, can we talk about porting to CIU older enemies such as the CI3 rockets in the Missile Strike, the Balloon Chickens, the CI3 ufos, the egg-ships, the egg-drones and their waves? (I know that this has been suggested by many people already, I just wanted to bring it back up)


They’ll return soon. All we can do is hope.

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2020.12.05-21.18 (2)_LI A small question: What is this?

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Perhaps for In-app purchases.


I’m 99% sure it’s for that, since there are apparently some new textures that can confirm it (Also, it’s written in the hints)

You already asked about that in chatting place iirc and got at least 3 answers ._ .


No. That wod create an infinite farm

Buy from dealer for 0
Sell to store for 1

IA can you make “Show 'em how’s the boss” become enraged when his brother die? As I know it is suggested.

Solar2 which weapon did you used when you made the twin do the 360o attack?

iA even denied it. Why are you even doing this. Are you trying to kill all bombers?

Ok. don’t be angry

Please consider bombers as well. A fighter might survive, but a bomber might not.

and it’s already suggested and denied

Unless the selling price also becomes 0, but even still it feels pretty pointless because who has zero keys? I’m sure everyone can afford at least one key.

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Yes I can afford 1 key.

Look who I found.


You’ve found iA.

Looks like iA already has the chl

You are in which system? And nice that you found IA