Early Access version 57

Molecules to atoms!
Wait, atoms? Oh no.



  • big to medium…
  • medium to small…
  • small to microscopic…
  • microscopic to mixtures…
  • mixtures to molecules…
  • molecules to atoms…
  • atoms to nuclei…
  • nuclei to neutrons…
  • neutrons to void.

After that you get the game uninstalled.


I think a system to link our in-game accounts to our forum accounts might be cool.

why would we need that though

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there should be a counter on the Supply Droids when you activate the Missions Completed filter

We actually need an attachment on the bug/idea medal saying that to get them you need to have an account at chickeninvaders.com, etc… that would be very helpful to newcomers.

So the boss will do the 360o attack more than one time if it’s more than 100% difficulty. At Weekly Challenge Twice Infinity was the last boss which means that it’s exactly 100% difficulty and it did 360o attack more then one time. So is this a bug or intended?

And one more thing: between playing the last Weekly Challenge & this Weekly Challenge there was about 11 hours. So does that still count for the time penalty or not?

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I think it’s because Teko Regular supports emojis bit Fira Sans Extra Condensed not.

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Why are there two different insights for location fluctuation?

one is key and the other is score…
maybe both should have the “Score Insight”

I found 3 bugs
When I entered my email , I made a gusset account then i played the tutorial mission
I just fired the super weapon progressive and I press ECS and the mouse moved very strange
I mean I moved slowly
I dont know what happened but one of my contacts had no call sign and I was shocked
when i played the tutorial in wave 2 i had a ION BLASTER but I seen I had a NeutronGun !!
And I didn’t record it but in this video you can see it (at minute 5)

Edited once
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That’s someone who didn’t change his callsign after names reset at one of past updates. Basically those are anonymous heroes and this shouldn’t be possible at normal circumstances.


IA can you add the 5th UCHO Encounter in version 58?


No, it might take a long time to implement the ucho 5th (and what KIND of ucho 5th, 2 of them, or newer upgrade)

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i think no

i think it is better to upgrade the UCHO that is already in the game

It would make no sense and confuse CI3 players.

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“>100%” means above 100% not =100%. Too nitpicky my boy?

Can we stop throwing the word nitpicky around


Yeah, there’s only one person here who deserves that.

My idea
I did not see any Mirrored waves in tutorial
Then why not have mirror waves in tutorial