Early Access version 56

Now i understood.

has anyone suggested a mirrored version of the egg cannon

That already exist. It can be mirrored to the right, left only.

then I have no luck with the left

will Ice Golem, Terror from the Deep, Heart of Darkness and Hen House bosses be in CIU or not

I’ve “fixed” it in v.57 by not allowing full-screen in that case :medal_sports: Bug

Still not sure why your graphics card is not listing any video modes. I see it’s an Intel 82945G, which is 15 years old. It could very well be a driver bug.


yes that could be :confused:

It’s Spooktober.


Hasn’t the size of alien container decreased?

It’s an Intel® HD Graphics 520 if that’s what you meant.

what do you mean

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maybe I was playing Ci 5 that’s the reason why The CIU Alien Container looked small.

the Nasty Surprise wave could have a mirrored version

But it could be hard, because of the alien UFO

Could there be mirorred variations of:

  1. “To Infinity and Beyond”.
  2. “Pulsating/Palpitating Grid” (where the Spacecraft rotates to the right instead of to the left).
  3. Rectangular Layouts (and the zoomed-out version of it too).
  4. Egg Billards (only effects Spacecraft rotation, it will be mirrored).
  5. Twice Infinity.
  6. The Alien Mother-ship.
  7. “The Hatchery”.
  8. “Shape Shifters/Whip into Shape”.
  9. “Barriers to Success” the enemy will move to the left first instead of to the right.
  10. “Chicken Vending Machine/Freshly Packed Vending Machine”.
  11. “Square Dancing”.
  12. “Enemy Queue/Take a Number!”.
  13. First “Invaders Crossing” wave (where enemies came from the right only, they could come from the left only too).
  14. “Retro Invaders”.
  15. “Attack Formations/The Next Generation”.
  16. “Supply Droids/Line”.
  17. “Surrounded by Droids”.
  18. “Chicken/Bubble Rings”.
  19. “First Impressions”.
  20. “Satellite Fly-by” (where the “Alien Container” comes from the right).
  21. “Energy Fences”.
  22. “Lethal Connections” enemies could show-up from the right instead of left.

Also in “Three-Ring Circus” I’ve noticed that the 3 Chickenauts swim in space:



Just to be sure do they do that in CIU?

Also is it possible to add a upside-down variations of other waves too like “The Magic Flute”?

Could there be 4 egg barriers in “Chicken Quadrants” at the beginning like in CI5?

This attack of “Feather Brain” where he throws feathers very fast & the player’s forced to stay & move between them in order to survive, could it not happen under a specific difficulty (like maybe 20%)? Because it’s really hard for newcomers & easy missions.

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  1. I agree
  2. Please no

The only difference would be the Spacecraft rotating to the right instead of left.

What if every boss had a mirror variation?

Well, Yolk Star, Egg Cannon/Cannonade, Plantery Egg City and It’s the Mother-hen Ship has, thisistrueuser suggested for Party Time, but IA didn’t add it.