Early Access version 49

Oof, that’s bad luck, because it should appear sometimes

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Maybe it rely on difficulty.


Typos are not bugs. :man_shrugging:

These should be awarded “typo medals” instead.


Good news everyone I finally met the legend “Crazy Squawker” the mission is called Legitimate Trouper.

Also @InterAction_studios is it possible to make the career medals in Squawk Block/120th Anniversary missions be awarded when the player got all the food/coins/power-ups at the end of a wave? As it’s not fair to get the last chicken leg, and also when the food/coins jumps after they drop.

Speaking of career medals could it be “Career medal awarded” only if one medal is awarded at the end of a wave?
Example: Career Medal Awarded

Also maybe Absolver Beam gift should be recolored to purple&pink.

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This is about Price Insight: Can it not show it’s arrows on star systems without shops of any types?


Already suggested
You’re right they should be removed from shopless star systems too

@InterAction_studios This is seriously getting out of hand. Typos are not bugs and this way people are just hogging the medals despite the ‘bug’ not being a bug. Typos are like, seriously minor. Hell, why do we even need typo medals? It’s not worth it.

Why? Is it necessary? Does it reduce the player experience? Game-breaking?

That just shows how nitpicky you are, @minasam123. And before you say that we’re ganging up on you, this is DIFFERENT. This is NOT ganging up, this is the thing that happens when you keep on doing something wrong amd don’t stop. Seriously, do you have nothing better to do?


I’ve known this from the start. I was just hoping nobody would notice :slight_smile:
:medal_sports: Bug

Known. Hard to fix.

Yes, but only with 50% probability (i.e., half as often as Master Squawker)

I’m not sure, but it sounds like you’re referring to the “items spawned at the end of one wave are collected at the beginning of the next wave, so they count in the next wave’s stats”. If so, then no, it’s not possible to fix.

Would that not indirectly reveal the locations of as-of-yet-unexplored shops? Besides, it’s not a straightforward change (even in the current “show only space burger” etc mode, some locations ‘leak’ even though they’re not explored). Once that bug is fixed, we can revisit this.


I consider typos to be bugs, although very minor, as you said. As for the triviality:

Nevertheless, I think “typos” as a category is pretty well-defined, so we can exclude them from receiving medals from now on.

To be clear:

  • Reports of typos are still welcome, and desired. They are part of the polish of the final product, which is very important for me.
  • “Typos” are limited to capitalization, spelling or grammatical errors. Anything beyond that can still potentially receive a medal (even something as simple as e.g. renaming “Heroes’ Medal” to “Medal of Heroes”). Also, typesetting errors (wrong justification, text overflows outside button, etc.) can still receive medals.

A lot of textures are cut, like the Vulcan Chaingun projectiles. I mean, if you look twice at everything, you can find a lot of these.

I think a large part if the CI games is how well presented they are, in my opinion. They’re always so polished, and that’s something that made a really good impression on me when first exposed to the series.

For the 1337th time, I am not nitpicky. Also, you don’t know that I also report different bugs rather than: typos typos typos
Also, you should stop judging and criticizing (because criticize is violation of ToS) because typos can be bugs and that I can get a medal for it.

You mean when they impact? Yes, that can’t be helped. Any long projectile that needs to appear or disappear gradually will have this problem. It’s just that in high detail mode you at least have a flare that covers up the hard line somewhat.

In any case, this bug was slightly different, and has to do with distortion when trying to warp textures without using enough vertices in the underlying mesh.


No, I meant the rightmost projectile of Vulcan Chaingun, from the beginning. It’s always a little cut off to the right.

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“Mysterious ship” boss: warning beam mesh now uses twice the vertices (both horizontally and vertically) (@minasam123 )

@InterAction_studios There is no “:medal_sports: Bug”

no one cares


It’s a mistake in changelog, it needs to be fixed.

still no one cares


It doesn’t matter.

Ironically, you have said it yourself.


I mean he will fix it no matter what we say.
Also, you say “no one cares” because you don’t check if there are mistakes in the changelog or not.