Poll: Should Moron give a small equipment perk?

  • Yes, if you start a mission with it.
  • Yes, if you start a mission and keep it until the very end
  • No, it shouldn’t.

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yes it should give an end reward which is

  • 175% key boost
  • an ominous message telling the player to visit a psychiatrist to get a cure for their masochism

My thoughts on this are a bit complicated. It’d be useful for newcomers, but it would make getting keys even easier for pros. Take a bomber and get a massive key boost at the cost of using a decent weapon.
For fighters it’ll be masochistic yes.


wow man
anyways it should also have:

  • 3/100% chance critical damage
  • the key boost’s kinda high can we lower it to like 127% thanks
  • it shouldn’t always have equipment perks by default, you can make the chance to get them with the moron at least like 37/100%

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