Early Access version 43.2

Well this will be an interesting update, especially having to get used to the gift swap :woozy_face:

And what about the meteors coming from the bottom? :smirk:

Added to v.44 :medal_sports: Idea

I’m aware of this, but it’s not an easy fix. Polygons are polygons, and making tight turns will always make the beam self-overlap to some extent.

Berserks/Assassins are generally disabled when there’s insufficient space to maneuver, not just because they’re inconvenient :wink:


@InterAction_studios Can you add a Pecking Order in the “Be Quick or be Dead” wave in the 120th anninersary challenge?

Oh, the entirety of CI3? (saying this with a bit of irony because I’m aware meteors come from all directions, it’s just that they come from below very often.)

You can do something a little bit impractical and decrease the transparency of the two overlapping polygons when they overlap. If Positron’s transparency is 50 (just an example), it becomes 100 when two polygons overlap. Divide both polygons’ transparency by two (the result would be 25 in our case) and we’d see the exact same transparency.

I assume if Positron works with polygons like you said, you can check if they collide with or overlap each other.

If this solution is possible, that would obviously require more computer power to render, so I advise you to make this toggleable in the Graphics Settings.


In order to illustrate what I meant:
(apologies in advance, I reinstalled Windows recently so I lost all my fancy plugins for paint.net [don’t click this link, I meant the program. But if you do wanna get said program - getpaint.net]. I’m gonna have to do it the stupid way/the vanilla way, but it’s to simply show you guys what I had in mind)

Step one is to make a black background on a separate layer so that you can see more easily.

Step two is to draw a translucent violet stroke.

Step three - make new strokes that overlap with the first one.

Step four - select the overlapping parts with the magic wand.

Step five - cut them and paste them on a third layer.

Step six - set the new layer’s transparency to the result of the subtraction of 255 and positron’s transparency (255 - 100 in our case = 155).

Step seven - profit.

You can use a plugin for transparency, but all that would be significantly different would be that you’d just skip directly to Step 6.


Aha, I had the same problem when I mentioned it. :joy:

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I think this gift box’s colour is more appropriate for Positron Steeamae01345a6d1539d1d93061c83fcf01919d6cffec


This works:


As for the actual change, the polygons rarely overlap completely. This means IA would have to find a way to detect overlapping sections (and in the absolute worst case scenario apply that transparency fix on a per-pixel basis).


That would definitely make the change less daunting.
@InterAction_studios Can we have that?

Also I’d like to bring an old idea to the table: Wormhole Missions starfield

If you’re doïng this in higher-level code, you’ve really meſsed ſomething up…


For the record, I don’t think this looks bad at all; almoſt anything will wrinkle if you bend it too tightly.


Added to v.44 :medal_sports: Idea


Okay, It depends on difficulty.

I know but I think they should appear more often.

They vary on difficulties. Also they appear on higher difficulties.

OK, I got a question: is the Space Crab from CI5 included with them in difficulty levels?

Why does some bosses appear rarely? I think your question was answered in this topic.

I was asking there about the types of Space Crabs appearing rarely, but now I’m saying that I don’t see them that often like U.C.O bosses.

It is already answered. It varies on difficulty.