Early Access version 43.2

Can there be an option within CIU to customize the dialogs? Besides that the dialogs that the player chooses can be added by 2 or 5 keys, also choose the frequency in which they appear or, incidentally, no longer appear dialogs when playing.

Already Suggested

i found a bug like the henterprise massive eggs size, but this time it happends with egg cannonade, when using egg shotgun and it hit floor (idk if thats is a floor lol)

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It is a floor. and it’s already fixed in v44.



We don’t know if it’s an actual floor though :thinking:

I actually mean that it’s where the things drop.

i wonder whats down there, probably stars.

Fixed in v.44 :medal_sports:Bug


What the hell do you mean already suggested, I wrote this several days ago.

Like, please don’t lecture me in doing research if I’m the one who keeps blabbing about checking whether suggestions have been made in the past.

If you’re referring to that post with quip suggestions, it has nothing to do with my idea - my idea is to be able to write quips on your own at the cost of keys.

If you’re however referring to another post that suggested custom quips, qbus literally linked to my comment because I had already suggested it first.

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This is anoter rlly small bug (not need to force fix)
for a rlly short time (1-2 sec)
u can stay in the Super Chicken laser without dying, basically u can pass it if you do it fast
this can only happend if the laser warning still enabled (hard-medium mission mostly for a sec)

Speaking of the shotgun attack, can it get a speed Nerf? It’s very RNG based which means that players can be faced with extremely unfair attacks that they can’t avoid, especially with a bomber. It should be difficult for bombers to dodge the shotgun, but it shouldn’t be near impossible if the player gets unlucky.

That’s true of all inſtant laſers. It’s called “coyote time”, and it ſerves to give a better playing experiënce.
In Chicken Invaders, this time is 0,25 ſeconds.


This is actually done on purpose. There’s a really tiny grace period before anything in the game (save for eggs and other tiny projectiles) kills you.


oh ok :ok_hand:

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I thought of an indicator that helps the player know when he is most likely to disconnect from the game without being surprising as it is right now. This option is in-game and is activatable as shown in the image (similar to the show fps option):

This option is called ´´show ping´´, since through this you can know if we have good communication with the server or not. This is below the FPS indicator and is green if you have a good connection and is stable with the server, and turns red if the opposite. Example in the image:

sasasasasasasasas 2
I think that this option can be useful since you have that information at the moment and it would not be so surprising the disconnection due to bad connection since you would be prepared to have that option activated. Also, whoever wants to have it activated can have it and whoever does not can deactivate it, in addition to providing more information to the player within the game and being like an “alert” for the problem mentioned above.


I don’t like the representation, Almost no way of getting to 10ms.

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@InterAction_studios small visual bug, but the plasma rifle in long range looks really weird, no closing effect at the ship nor the target.


I think of it a perk as well.

a Fix for that could be Increasing the beam Shinning at nose of the spacecraft and at the enemy when zoomed away.