Wormhole Missions starfield

Let me start by saying this: I’m sorry if this has been suggested, I tried to find similar topics and I couldn’t, however that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t brought this up before.

Currently wormhole/retro missions use the green starfield from CI4. Is it possible to make it so that we can choose the starfields from the episodes (1-5) and have them turn green?

I don’t know how useless that would be, I guess aesthetic features don’t have any usefulness in terms of gameplay, but they’re added so that we can customize the game to our likings.

Edit: Since several people asked, no, that shouldn’t replace the default retro starfield from CI4. You know how starfields turn red on hot planets and stars, right? That’s what I’m going for, but on retro missions. So if you don’t choose any starfields, you’d get the default one.


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