Early Access version 43.2

I really hope it does, because it will be easier, just like adding the item automatically when clicked on the slot, also I think “Bullet Spray” item should be cheaper, just like “Egg Repulsor”.

Dude, items like bullet spray should not be that cheap, they improve the gaming experience.

Not very cheap just a little reduce on the price.

There’s a reason why some perishables are expensive: They change the gameplay and make the game more different and easier

See? I was right.

Congratulations!!! Also I noticed that the Space Cabs from CI4 does not appear often like the other bosses.

Well, I’d like to disagree, considering bullet spray items aren’t that big of an improvement. They are sometimes downgrades, in fact. Like for auto-lock weapons, the bullet spray condenser decreases their range, making the plasma rifle, lightning fryer and positron stream worse.


I wonder what do new gift boxes look like?

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They swap looks.

So in v44:
GIFTPlasmaRifle : Positron Stream
GIFTPositronStream : Plasma Rifle
(hmm ok)

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To be fair

Doesn’t it make more sense like that


Watch me grab the wrong one like 100% of the time for the first few days though :joy:

That said I still think it’s for the better


You’ll get used to it eventually at least

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Yes, and when we replay the CI sequels (CI4-5), we’ll mistake Positron gift for Plasma and vice versa


Not in CI3 because there was no positron in that. But the other two, maybe.

Still, it was pinker before it got the transparency change, and now it definitely needs to swap.

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@InterAction_studios I think collecting satellites should be similar to CI5, where the slot nearest to your ship can collect the satellite, while the furthers can’t until the nearest is equipped

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And, in Chicken Fortication, The Contanier can go away without sounds and effect. This is unacceptable

cough Satellite Fly-by cough

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It does wobbles before disappearing