Early Access version 41

This is interesing :slight_smile:

A lot of people lost the callsign in this ubication


@InterAction_studios I got 2 bug medals while I suppose to get a bug medal and a idea medal!!

Okay, everything’s back to normal. Here’s an idea of me: Chicken Exponentiality boss should spawn other chickens/chicks depends on the difficulty. (im trying to get a medal lol)

Zigzag chickens need be chickenauts!

chickenauts chickenauts chickenautsx757575 sorry for this cáncer

No, this one more reasonable:Chicken Multiplicity should be appeared in <70% difficulty,Chicken Exponentiality should be appeared in>70% difficulty

I feel like it should be a super-rare joke boss or a limited or something. I don’t feel like it belongs in the normal roster though.

(That said I feel like the fight itself is ok)

I agree with this wholeheartedly. I felt like it was hard enough before the 6-way-laser because on high difficulties it moves super fast. Right now the only luck I’ve had with it is with Absolver (which takes forever but it would surely be faster than the alternatives).

Nah, Vader’s fine. I just feel like Exponentiality should be like a randomized variant of Multiplicity rather than a separate fight, myself.

I actually thought maybe there was a song hidden in there at first - but I don’t think so.
And I feel like the Egg Cannon Cannon has the right to be crazy hard while the Mysterious Ship does not - but again, it should not be a normally occurring fight. It should be like a secret or a bonus or something.

What weapon are you using?

Also, though I would never dream of trying it, I guarantee that it’s completely unviable for bombers.

THIS THIS THIS is exactly what I’ve been saying, thank you!
In fact I agreed with pretty much everything in your post, but this especially.
@InterAction_studios - can we maybe look into this point in particular? The boss is good, but is it really just meant to be another standard fight?

@GgWw1175 If you’re still having trouble finding it there are a few locations it spawns in this topic:

It’s kind of weird, and doesn’t feel bad, but just a bit unnecessary. If it were to be removed entirely I wouldn’t feel like we’re losing out on anything much.

Or maybe Chicken Multiplicity should have done that to begin with, allowing it to become Exponentiality. :wink:

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So, according to WBP, the next rework weapons will be Positron Stream and Plasma Rifle


I actually want to suggest keeping the exponentiality Military for Special Forces on Harder Difficulties. It’s actually more difficult than the original version because of the extra grenades that come right after throwing it’s knives. But maybe make it toss it’s knives faster?


Hyped for those two. One because it’s complete rework and the other because it’s basically a new weapon because it’s currently trash. :joy:

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Nothing like the game but, if I invited 3 Guys and one gived me “Paladín” I need invite one more to get The second badge of invitations?

I don’t like the Exponentiality boss fight. I used a LOT of Phase-Outs and lives and still lose. Nerf it.
The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade is fine though.

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The difficulty of Chicken Exponentiality is to easy, only need practice, also, Is very harder right now because the part of hemperor when he die, you Will be in this position everytime, the worst is when the Spacecraft Is looking down, luckely, is fixed in the next update, also, we planning buff it :slight_smile:


Maybe a lot of people told about that, but Collection time after Final Boss very short and all bonus disappear, it’s unfair


I fought brother reunited and the party chicken didn’t do its opening sequences.

And the military chicken looks like have new pattern, tossing grenades before and after throwing knife. Is it intended?

It’s a bug, will be fixed in v.42

“Mysterious Ship” it’s very hard boss, because you can’t mentally move the warning beams, my opinion need make warning strip (not only in first time, every time):

as in Henterprise (beam bigger than warning strip):


Utensil, I think(or maybe ions? I forgot. I know I tested them against a lot of bosses).
Bx-9 is perfectly possible, I tried that.

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There’s something I wasn’t expecting. I think it’s a fair comment though - Exponentiality has way more randomness to it so once you are familiar with both, it theoretically would be less predictable. And the issue @SonicCrazyExe brought up is also a factor.

Wow, you have my applause.

(And to be clear - I’m not opposed to it coming back in the super crazy difficulties that are yet to be added. But it feels too much for SSH.)


Sorry. Can’t take it back now. The next time you get a bug medal, remind me and I’ll change it to an idea so it works out even.


It unnecessarily hampers the viability of bombers because it stops bomber users from getting as much score, food and keys as regular fighter users. This is far from the first complaint so I’m kinda surprised that IA hasn’t disabled it.