Early Access version 39

Did you remove the new loading bar at the beggining? I dont see it anymore. Or you are gonna use it when the game gets out of early access?


Yeah. They turned it back to opportunistic load mode. It’s better than on-demand and worse than immediate. But it’s not a big difference and frankly I wonder why IA doesn’t just stick to immediate. Is 7 seconds of loading on the start that much?


My pc takes more than 7 seconds to load

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Well, I like the tradition having loading bar in every game so far.

Fixed in v.40
:medal_sports: Idea


With regards to the heatsinks: back when I was trying to come up with a mechanic for them, I experimented with the “all heatsinks have the same capacity, but better heatsinks cool down faster” idea.

There’s a constant battle between heat being dissipated constantly, and heat generated in bursts (impulse) by each weapon fire. Even very slight differences in the numbers can cause a weapon to never overheat, or overheat way too rapidly. Under certain circumstances, the frame rate can also affects the fire rate, which makes balancing even more of a nightmare.

Ultimately, I decided that the “cool down faster idea” wasn’t practical, and I chose the “larger heat capacity” mechanic (where a better heat sink just means that you can hold the fire button down for longer). It did create some issues with cooling (it appears that it cools down slower, whereas in fact it’s cooling at the same rate) so I had to fudge the “overheat” mechanic (so all heat sinks take the same amount of time to recover from overheating).

I think I will experiment with (@Boggy’s idea ( Early Access version 35 ) see how it looks.


Decided to recall an idea of adding berserk chickens only waves.
Since the berserk breed is already implemented in the game and I still love the CI2 berserk waves, i don’t think it would be that hard to add new waves dedicated to them (or maybe not… what do i know?)
We seldom see them during the gameplay (assassins too) so… Why not?


If the HUD is to be changed according to the heat capacities of heatsinks, I’d like to suggest a different approach. Remember how in CI4/CI5, the heat meter was made out of 5 horizontal bars. Thus, alter this number:

  • Copper Heat Sink – 1 bar
  • Aluminium Nitride Heat Sink – 2 horizontal bars
  • Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Sink – 3 horizontal bars
  • Beryllium Oxide Heat Sink – 4 horizontal bars
  • Cubic Boron Arsenide Heat Sink – all 5 horizontal bars

Yes, I’m aware heatsinks can be upgraded, but I think this would be enough to reflect the increase in heat capacity.


I never liked that HUD (it was always kind of a bit harder to tell what was going on with it) but under this context it actually makes tons of sense.

Will just one massive bar for the copper heat sink look weird though?


A gigantic bar on the screen is super weird compared to other mission HUDs


Issue with invulnerability extension:
It also applies to the invulnerability you get after restarting a wave. Not exploitable now, but might become that way once it’s buffed since it will still be on for a few seconds when enemies show up.


Moſt of the enemies don’t ſtart ſhooting for the firſt few ſeconds, ſo I don’t think it’ll be a particularly effective exploit.


It would let you go over enemies, though.
Well, maybe that doesn’t change much, but at least it should be considered if the item ever gets buffed more in the future.


Yes, and it would be helpful on waves like Chicken roulette(with mini bosses)

True, although honeſtly I feel like this’ll uſuälly do more harm than good.

Do you go to the outſide of the ring when you die in Chicken Roulette? 'Cuz when I try that ſtrategy I generally find myſelf pinned in one of the lower corners, where I’m inevitably diſcovered by ſome ſtray egg.


Maybe. I dunno, that is just a theory. Something to keep in mind if the timer ever gets extended more, at least.


Now what there are a lot of Updates, when is possible what release the Early Access 40?


According to what IA said, It might be probably tomorrow, (Correct me If I am wrong guys).


I do wish to see a changelog full of :new: in near future.


:new: Mission Config screen: Added “boss music” slot. Can now mount separate music for waves/boss battles.”

Wow, IMO this is super underrated. It will make choosing custom music ten times more fun.
Nice addition.