Early Access version 37

Yes but not yes

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My internet is all fine, but

Me too lol

Ok, here’s something I never thought would happen,

I got two Egg Cannons in a row. Apparently this worked because the first one has only one phase while the second one has two phases.

In case the video takes too long to load, here’s a picture.


I noticed that all the objects are very detailed (since they are made in 3D), but background is a weak point. Maybe in Future need to remake background in CIU

@InterAction_studios There’s something weird that can be really considered a bug. (don’t mind me getting hit, lol)
When i use vulcan chaingun WITHOUT losing accuracy, sometimes it will pass through the egg barriers, and if i get my ship to the barrier, i die.
The weapon acts as if there’s no hitbox on the barrier.
Happens also when the barriers go to left or right.
And sometimes the hitbox will not be attached to the barrier.
Have a look at this video for better explanation:

Go to 0:20 and look carefully to the vulcan chaingun.
(sorry for the lagging.)

I would really like to see something parallax-like. 1st layer is main bg, 2nd is small stars, 3rd is big stars or something similar.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Wow, so much internal changes goodies in v38. With this speed we might end up on a whole new engine.

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@kokokokos please, don’t ignore my video post above.
@InterAction_studios did you ignore my video that i posted above?

I read everything, don’t worry. I didn’t reply because there’s nothing to add.

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Dont hurry dude, hes not connected everytime, more soon he going to answer to you :wink:

I probably miſſed ſomething at ſome point, but I juſt got a max power bonus for a BX-9 at 20 firepower. How come?

This was a tweak suggested by Orandza implemented in Version 36 where EVERY CIU ship gets the max power bonus at fp 20. Do note that the actual increase in firepower for the BX-9 still occurs at fp29.

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No, the X button never requires confirmation

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Good catch. Fixed in v.38

:medal_sports: Bug

Theoretically speaking, it’s still possible to get the same boss (or any wave) twice in a row (with a probability of 0.01%). The probability of getting the same wave twice (but not consecutively) is 1%.


Make sure you fully charged it!

You seem to be running the game at 8-10 frames per second. That’s waaay below the minimum requirement of 20-25 fps. At such a slow speed, a lot of weirdness is to be expected.

Does the game always run that slowly, or is your capture software slowing it down?


quick play it before it’s gone, here’s the location:

:slightly_smiling_face: good game

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