Early Access version 35

I think I may have found a small bug that’s related with the new insight.
I used a damage amplifier to check how the insight works and after 1 second I died (epic moment right there),
but after I respawned the insight was still showing the time until the superweapon vanishes. And if some of you might not know the amplifier stops working when you die. It just perishes. Boom.
So…is this considered as bug?

Also about that 2 second disable of surrender button… how about adding an option enabling or disabling the function in the gameplay settings? Some people might want to surrender the mission faster, but they could be really impatient and don’t want to wait 2 seconds.

Wait, is this version out yet or not?

You were actually looking at the countdown for your invulnerability shield.

@minasam123: Yes

Thanks for telling me, I will install it now! (I know at backup i’m warned.)

Any in-mission progress means all the missions we’ve completed since we started playing the game, right?

No, it means the mission you are currently playing (and haven’t finished yet).

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Ah okay
sorry then

IA, in V. 36 can you add green chicken from Chicken Multiplicity to have 8 in Show’em Who’s Boss? (on SSH)

When “Reset To Default” is applied, the ship flashes like this for a brief moment.

:warning: Taking down the server to apply a quick update. Back in 30 sec.

@BoggY: Fixed in v.36 :medal_sports: Bug

Still happening. Should I restart the game? (I simply reconnected when it was taken down)

Sorry, the update was for the server only. It won’ fix your problem – wait until v.36

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IA said the next version will be fixed, v36, not 35.

Ah, I apologize for the blindness.

An interesting detail I see is that Bombers bought during version 26.1 (when the default colour was orange) still become red when you use the “default paint” option. I hoped I’d finally get any kind of early-access-exclusive item with that addition, lol

Added to v.36 :medal_sports: Idea

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Srry if this its off-discuss but can change the de sing of the pad/ofensiva, literally, dont combine with the other pads
Also, They could give the model more utility, since it is one of the least used, and they will look great in difficult missions

13/15/17/19 (from 13/14/15/16)


Let me ask, is it possible to add a “assign” button in the “recent” section? Because after winning the mission, if you forget to assign, go to “recent” to assign it (if it is not assigned yet) , instead of spending more time to fly it (if it’s both difficult and long …). Please everyone and IA give me the answer, thanks.

why the cursor look like this when I start the game?


Files are loading at the start of the game because of new game archive structure.