Early Access version 20/21

how about adding an ability to sort the missions by its gamemode or difficulty or length

Yep,they are currently sorted into trivial,easy,hard,very hard and elite

Though there could be something about length

Uh, are the Space Burger Droids gone again? I can’t find any.

Uhh… they got deleted because they had less than an hour of play time.

That Thenos is ruthless. :rofl:


is this a sign that iA has 2 infinity gauntlets instead of 1? (and also that thenos is coming to CIU as a boss?)


oh i’d love to see that

Sooo… No more droid raids?

I also can’t find them.
Maybe they deleted/disabled droids by a mistake (?)
I wouldn’t think that they deleted them for good.

Thats just sad.

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Confirmed ? This will happen in CIU or CI6 ?

Sorry, i must do it…


thenos would be perfect boss for CIU tbh

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who knows
with that boss it might get more players
(y’know marvel fans)

so if thenos is in the game, then i could suggest yellow henvil

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Taking server down for 1 minute to fix droids. Ok, droids should have appeared again now.

@EmeraldPlay Fixed :medal_military: Bug

@InterAction_studios on planets with rings, how can they be a background with asteroids as in ci2? (reference image)

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There is a reason why those were removed in ci3 (in first builds there were)
It was too confusing on asteroids waves

but they could be more opaque to avoid that

Yeah, I don’t think making them more opaque would help.