Early Access version 20/21

About new music, you will create for CI Universe ?

And Idea, i don’t really like when you need make a lot of manipulation for restart mission
When you press Restart you will see only one time: “Warning: You will restart game with current all mountable,skill,music and background which… Continue ?”

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why doesn’t the purple U.C.O use his red laser ?

It’s not bug, it’s feature: U.C.O. can’t use red laser In low difficult

I’m just glad this was fixed, the bug almost ruined the update for me.

Also, regarding the saving for later feature, I saw myself using that, A LOT.

It’s testing of New Skills (which after SSH) where there is no delay between waves

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it isn’t?

Sure… but what about if your equipment has perished and you can’t play exactly the same way again?

Make a warning that following equipment have perished and no more units are available?

Why can’t we comment recently played missions even if they are the same as favourite ones?

bug : i found that the goal progress doesnt update until you press back and return to the same menu that views the goal progress

[happens when you play one or more of the favourite missions]

Fixed in v.22 :medal_military: Bug

I don’t know if this is intentional, but the Space Race “I muſt hurry!” text is now formatted differently.

Alſo, there was a uſer in the top ten moſt active whoſe callſign was “RapidRacist”. I don’t know if this counts as offenſive enough to be forcibly changed, but I figured I’d mention it.

Medals for v.20 have now been awarded. Due to an error, you might receive a bogus message about a medal awarded to you – please ignore.

@Traveller: Yes, the code to create the speech bubble was rewritten. As for the callsign, it’s indeed borderline… hmmm. I’ll leave it be for now, but will soon add a “report player” button so the players can do that themselves.

I can’t update to the latest version. It says: The source file is corrupted.

I downloaded both the links to make sure.

Checking… File is fine, I’m sure more people would have complained by now if it had a problem.

It could be a temporary network issue… or the installer was infected by a virus on your computer. Try downloading from another computer, if possible.


tbh you should also add a button which shows a screen with player rules when that gets added too

Why is this a thing? Is this intentional? In my opinion if someone continue to try to complete a mission the “recent” list shouldn’t note every attempt but only the first one.
(I say it now: I didn’t cecked if someone posted this before)

Its like a match history. Doesnt seems so bad.

Were they elite missions?
Cos I was trying to get a win on one of them(Even the completion medal silhouette looks awesome)before my progress got cleaned