Early Access version 20/21

Sorry, but suggesting this fake asteroids is bad just much as Thenos meme(not kidding).

It’s not a meme.If we’re reading iA right,we’ll be getting Thenos.
Or they’re just having fun.Hard to say.

Its obvios that they having fun. And yeah its a meme.

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"A meme is not a meme if it’s lame."Invented

Long time since I came on this forum and played Chicken Invaders Universe. But one thing troubles me.

We also performed a little bit of galactic housekeeping, deleting old inactive players.

@InterAction_studios How long one has to be inactive for their account to be deleted.

The top post: Both of these conditions must be met:

  • Less than one hour of total playtime.
  • Haven’t logged in in the past 4 weeks.

Latin vs Cyrillic (Teko font comparison)

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Deleted "Equipment’


Added Asteroid Belts (galaxy regeneration required)

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“galaxy regeneration required”
Will it affect on players ?

No? Wasn’t it done many times in the past,and pretty much nothing happened?

No. I believe this is the firſt time.


Ohh boy

Unless you’re joking,
this happened several times in the past.

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Several times.
For example,here Early Access version 13

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@InterAction_studios can you make the satellites appear when the alien mother ship was destroyed? it would be cool

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the galaxy was actually regenerated. This would imply that all star systems would be completely reset, which clearly hasn’t happened.
Also this:

So, unless I completely misunderstood everything, the galaxy wasn’t regenerated yet. All the changes that require it to be regenerated will take effect after Early Access or, perhaps, when a major update drops that will require the galaxy to be regenerated.

The satelite was active in the beggining, but it was removed because is usseles.

I’m pretty ſure the things labeled “(galaxy regeneration required)” haven’t taken effect yet.