Early Access version 20/21

you forgot to censor the swear

plus, this is getting off-topic now

that sure is a lot

omg 2500 users

that’s a lot of accounts deleted lul

iA is basically Thanos now if half of the users were snapped


No It’s Thenos … there was this idea floating around … look for it, it’s excellent stuff.

iA is Thanos lul

Okay, is there any given reason as to WHY waves start immediately? I mean that, once the mission starts, the wave starts up! And after completing that same wave the next one starts up! It gets much more disorienting when it’s a zoomed-out wave, the screen doesn’t have time to zoom-out!

Not sure if this is happening only to me, or if this is an actual implemented feature (may not be because I don’t see it listed anywhere)

The rest of the update is good, btw, it’s just this minor annoyance.

It’s a bug. Preparing update now…

Update is available now. You’ll need to download v.21.


idk why waves start immediately

Shame. I thought the lack of delay went well with SSH.

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nice, I just spent 15mins to download v20 and now v21

Anyone remember the “Atmospheric Reentry” from CI5? Reduced delayed time may actually work well… only on Boss Rush.

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Yep.It was harder than the Henterprise.
(That’s not saying much tho)

This unpleasantly long space (third image for comparison)

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Fixed in v.22 :medal_military: Bug

Some missions in Recent Missions are not always sorted by time completed.

Normally I’d assume the missions don’t move on the list even if you play them again later, but how does this happen then?

Secret Senator wrote you:

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One day. The next time he misbehaves he’ll be suspended permanently.

i spent 70 minute downloading v20 and now download v21

Recents are correctly sorted based on the time you played them. If you played the same mission 10 times, there will be 10 entries in your list. However, they will all show the time of the “most recent flight”. This can cause this “out of order” behaviour (in your screenshot, if you scroll up, you’ll find another “Internal Deaconness” entry which is more recent than the one you’ve highlighted).

I think the cleanest way to solve this would be to hide all but the most recent ‘instance’ of a mission… will think a little bit more about this.