Early Access version 18

I ſuggeſted that here.

Oh,right. I forgot

It’s all good! :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately that topic did not ſpark a debate leading to in improved UI, as I’d hoped.

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ok but why?

@InterAction_studios Don’t forget about The Feather Fields mission ok? because you said that you would add The Feather Fields mission.

Ok, this is something new:

Check your internet. I get it all the time.

It’s fine. I got when I entered much faster than always.

Can you add the multiplayer in chicken invaders universe(early access) in version 19 please

They can’t, actually.

Why They can’t

They need to keep servers which are not free.

Chicken invaders universe in full release is free or we need to buy it

Read the plan updates


It’s really hard to say if you’re joking or giving a serious idea.It’s a good one tho

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Bug report
Today I changed my UI color and then explored a new star sistem and this happened…
(Iven if i close the message tabs it is displayed as the default one)

(Any good program to record/make screenshots?)


Print Screen, Paste to Word and Save as Picture…

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If you launch the game through Steam, you can take screenshots with the overlay (F12 by default, I believe).

Windows scizors

To record OBS studio

If you have Windows 10 you can press image + PrtScr in-game. Your screenshot will be saved in Pictures folder.

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I don’t have steam

Thanks @VerMishelb