Early Access version 18

f9 key :+1:

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Press 24 times per sec. to record video

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No, Print Screen and ctrl+V in forum, it’s faster than save file and put here, but one problem, this method is bad for transparent photos

And how is that a problem?
If it’s a screenshot (so a shot of what’s on your screen) then you won’t be able to properly capture transparency no matter what method you use.

It’s the ultimate screenshot program for windows. Trust me. Once you get familiar with that you wouldn’t want anything else.

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The explosion when bosses die drop so much FPS. Can you reduce the explosion effect in “Low” setting ?

Already fixed in v.19 (“Messages are no longer colorized when “User Interface” color is customized”)


this is so sad master squawker died

He is kinda mediocre boss. His mechanic is the problem about not being added.

Fixed in v.19 :medal_military: Idea

Can you add some text below the tier requirements how many people play the mission i pick? Something like:
Chicken Invasion: 15 recruits have been flying.

I don’t think it’s worth to make topic for this so I’ll suggest it here, so I thought of the black chickens (that rare type of chickens) to be in game, it’ll be rare just like that black-white vest chicken in ci3, and when you kill it, it drops 3 keys


I think it would be better juſt to bring back the black and white ones.

  • Added “Rankings” screen.
  • Added “Stats” screen.
  • “Compare” screen can now also compare rankings.
  • Bossa Nova boss is now weak against electric and strong against metal weapons

Why reduce bonus satellites from 3 to 2, the satellites are not provided that often.

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The Mother hen-ship spawn 3 satelites. Why the apple core needs that too?

But sometimes Mother Hen-Ship doesn’t spawn satellites

The apple core too. But everyone knows how to earn satelites from them :wink:

Because it’s not like the mother-hen ship is that common.