Early Access version 18


“Supernova” missions have been added, complete with a new matching boss (fun fact: the boss implementation requires more lines of source code than the entire Chicken Invaders 1 episode. Ah, progress.). Supernova missions can currently appear on any planet (IIRC), but when the galaxy is regenerated they will only appear on suns.

Also, “Most active” medals now work and user interface color is now customizable.

:star2: In other news, UHF recruits have now flown over 200,000 missions total! Well done, recruits!


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured
  • your “Information Overlay” settings


  • Bubble Bath wave: Fixed ninja chicks (and other evading enemies) escaping their protective bubble.
  • Skill slot now shows an empty (default) skill for Space Race missions.
  • [Server-side 17.2] Fixed droids disappearing from galaxy (overflow list).
  • [Server-side 17.2] Fixed time reported in Weekly top-10 (@GuestUniverse :medal_military:) and score reported in Space Race.
  • [Server-side 17.2] Manually generated missed Daily Challenge & Space Race (@KiyanChickenFan :medal_military:)
  • [Server-side 17.2] Fixed server deadlock (multiThreadDeleteQueue)
  • Paint screen: Added grayscale option to shield.
  • Paint screen: Added customization of GUI, progress, heat, destruction colors. (@GgWw1175 :medal_military:)
  • “Daily Hard Worker” and “Weekly Hard Worker” medals now work.
  • Music no longer fades out before Comet Chase boss (@Traveller :medal_military:)
  • Music no longer fades out before Retro boss (@GuestUniverse :medal_military:)
  • Egg Cannon collision areas fixed (weapons would not lock onto uppermost/lowermost areas) (@Nikito :medal_military:)
  • Hot environment corona is now placed correctly for all possible headings.
  • Fixed wrapping seam in “ringB” texture.
  • Added “Supernova” missions + boss.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Hey IA, i dont want to be cheeky but the last bug medal is still not delivered. I have only 2, but i reported 4 bugs(wich are fixed). Any info for this?

We’ve changed the way we’re awarding medals now. They’re awarded when the update is released (not when the bug is reported).

These types of medals are awarded manually, so it can take a few minutes. Log in later and you’ll see them.

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So, what caused the server deadlock from a few days ago?

Bad multi-threaded coding. Multi-threading is hard. :roll_eyes:


Bug/idea medals have now been awarded.

@Nikito: We only have 3 medals for you (chicken cluck sound, smoke for asteroids, and Egg Cannon collision). Which is the 4th one?

@InterAction_studios Supernova missions dont give me any keys, or do I have very bad luck?

Can IA add Medals for exploring galaxies?
25% rookie explorer
50% Pro explorer
100% Legendary explore



Oof, I guess

It’s like everything people think are suggested. :joy:

You made it preety good. Now i can zoom whatever time i want. Also the Bosa Nova or what was called is hilarious :sweat_smile: This is the best boss you ever made!

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Oh yeah! Can you guys take a look at the Henley’s comet. I think there is a bug… The Bullet is getting hit at the wrong place I think. Too high from the original place.(Found it on the previous version)

A thing about Supernova missions: How come the sun is shining when it exploded in a supernova?

Why are there no key drops in supernova missions?


Because… This is a 0% chance of key pop up. And boss.

Oops. Fixed in v.19

:medal_military: Bug medal

this is my idea!

Did you report it here? Link to your original post and we’ll give you a medal.

he suggested it here

maybe supernova challenges also counts as supernova missions? i dunno