Improvements to pre-miſſion ſcreen

I’ve had a few ideas for improving the loadout ſcreen UI:

  • Save loadouts by ſpacecraft. I’ve already mentioned this elſewhere.
  • Have a button to ſwitch ſpacecraft. Again, I’ve already ſuggeſted this.
  • Have a place on the loadout ſcreen that liſts the miſſion length and duration, juſt for thoſe of us who’ve immediätely forgotten.
  • Have a button to clear the entire loadout (not including muſic/skill).
  • Have the ability to ſelect multiple cells ſo that you can fill them with the ſame thing (e.g. when adding a bunch of lives before a weekly).
  • Make it ſo that each time you click on an item to load, the focus moves to the ſpace to the right, ſo you don’t have to keep clicking the next cell. Maybe there ſhould be an option in the ſettings for this one.

Like presets? If not, I suggest mountable presets which you can fill as you wish and then load it before the mission. If you have not enough items, it will show “Not enough items in stock!” error and fill as much items as it can.

No, I mean click a cell, preſs Shift, and click another, and all the cells will be ſelected, and ſo if you then click the extra life button, there will be an extra life in each.

Someöne already ſuggeſted preſets.

Edit: That ſomeöne was Orandza, looking back.


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