Early Access version 18

I love the fact that you can change the color of GUI, but some colors make font barely readable. For example, it’s hard to see text with black color.

(Black color, Hard to read text "atleast for me" )

These 3 colors have that problem.

@InterAction_studios is there any way to make the font white for these colors? I love the black color, but it’s just hard to see the text.


Why your time section is green?

He changed the UI color.

How? I love this color!

Thank you😉

@InterAction_studios When you are on the travel view, don’t have enough fuel and them buy some without exiting the travel menu, the Buttons don’t update:

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Two things:

  1. When the galaxy is regenerated, could you make it ſo that darkneſs miſſions don’t appear on ſtars? I mean, it juſt feels wrong.
  2. The main ſupernova waves on maximum difficulty are too eaſy. While I think that moſt waves are, they’re ſignificantly eaſiër then ſtandard miſſion waves at the ſame difficulty (with SSH equipped, of courſe).

A bug or problem.
When I change the UI color, the first menu does not change the color. It’s blue.

You mean main menu?
I don’t think that’s a bug.
You can change a color of GUI. Not main menu color.

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@cook1ee: Fixed in v.19 :medal_military: Bug

@Traveller: (1) This is already the case (2) I’ll increase the chunks’ health in the next update and see how it goes :medal_military: Idea

Fixed in v.19 :medal_military: Bug

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Hey IA, i played weekly challenge today and see something that was very strange. I also reported it as a bug. When It gets cold in space boss direct go to the top of the screen(because of his fast movement), then i killed him and he doesnt drop ANYTHING. I know about the U.F.O problem when is killed on the top of the screen the U.F.O doesnt drop, but its same with the bosses? Any explanation for this? No present, no power-up no food :frowning:

This was reported before. It happens when it’s too far off-screen,if I remember correctly.

That and bad luck, i.e. all the food flyïng upwards.

@InterAction_studios question: will CI1 waves return in CIU?

A suggestion: could you make darkness missions not mission types but an actual planet types? It would make more sense.

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I would like to see an absurdly long Armored Chicken Lineup wave.

ah yes chicken lineups will be epic

What if we could select multiple mission slots at once and fill them with the same item? I have totally different tactics for dailies and for space races,and having to replace all the items one by one can be quite annoying.
For example,we could use ctrl+left click if we want to select multiple multiple slots,just like we use this to select multiple files in windows.
How does that sound,IA?

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