Early Access version 15


Would it fit putting the lazy and proud personality of the H E R O onto all? Though most quotes can fit I think, mostly not cut-scene ones.
Ah yes we need more puns.


the ones he talks thought the waves, like gyroscope malfuction and etc. perhaps adding new quotes to the other waves would be nice too?


I don’t think that’s a good idea. It would be better if you simply had 15 seconds added automatically if you quit during the stage transition


How about time being added only if you unpause within 30 seconds? Just to discourage multiple unnecessary pauses.

30 seconds is pretty enough for someone to run off and do something.


The game saves your time after each wave?


Pausing isnt the problem. Its quitting and rejoining during a transition. Penalizing pausing is unnecesary in my opinion.


Currently this only applies to “Show player names/Show player locations”. It should be saved for other options as well (star names, explored, regional shops, insights).


another little suggestion:

can this game-over theme from ci1/ci2 make a come-back as a mission failed theme?


Regarding the Space Race, does only the first attempt count for the top 10 list? I got 13:02 on my third attempt, yet the list shows the time I had on my first attempt (14:49)


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He’s not lying.


I can’t wait for the medal gallery to be implemented in the next update.


Bug confirmed (it only affects the time shown, your overall ranking is correct). Will be fixed server-side tonight.


I also noticed that the Space Race top 10 from three days ago is still in my messages, even when I reopen the game.


That’s because messages (incorrectly) expire after 7 days. Will be fixed as well.


I just received three daily top 10 messages. One of them was for hard while the others were empty.


Me too. But, did I really place first on the challenge or the leaderboard is bugged, so everyone got the first place reward?


Bug introduced while optimizing breaking code for top 10 messages. Fixed server side in v15.4

@BoggY: You were indeed first in Easy & Medium daily, and 5th in Hard.


Another thing: “Explored” is selected in Galaxy Information, yet the display still shows star names. This happens when I log out while “Explored” is selected.

(this is how Explored should actually look like)


Press something other, then again explored and everything will be ok.