Early Access version 15


This update is evenly split between bug fixes, enhancements to existing features, and new functionality altogether. Main areas of change include:

  • The “compare” option has been expanded. You can now also compare fleets and galactic exploration %.

  • Daily/weekly challenges now come with key rewards (just token rewards for now). Post here if you feel that the rewards are too little (or too much).

  • A new type of challenge has been added: “Space Race”. On this challenge you are ranked based solely on how quickly you can finish a mission. There’s a time penalty for using special weapons. New challenges are issued every 3 days – the first challenge is scheduled for the end of Monday (at midnight).

:rocket: In other news, congratulations to all CIU recuits for surpassing 100,000 missions flown in total! :tada:


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured
  • messages for previous challenges have been cleared


  • “New contact request” message: Text paragraph is now spaced out correctly (line spacing was too tight).
  • (Server-side fix v14.2) Fixed client crashes and/or “Locate” button not working when adding new faraway contacts (faraway=not currently visible in galaxy map)
  • Fixed purple CI1 background.
  • Mothership boss now reaches edges of screen before turning back.
  • Added “galaxy exploration” stats on Profile screen.
  • Added “victory ratio” to compare screen.
  • Prevented Inbox ‘unread messages’ text from spilling outside red circle.
  • Compare screen: now also compares fleets.
  • Compare screen: now also compares galaxy exploration %.
  • Information Overlay screen: player asterisks can now be hidden.
  • Information Overlay preferences now persist (are saved).
  • Compare screen: Clicking on medals shows their description.
  • Henterprise main beam attack is now terminated when damaged/destroyed.
  • Fixed galaxy showing names for newly relevant players even though the relevant Information Overlay option was disabled.
  • Planetary Egg City boss: beam attack now has random angle offset applied correctly (long-standing CI4 bug).
  • Planetary Egg City boss: added mirrored variation.
  • “Overheat” and “Coolant applied” messages now correctly rise when screen is zoomed out.
  • Messages now support custom icon for better visual categorization.
  • Added “Space Race” challenges.
  • Added rewards for Daily/Weekly/Race challenges.
  • Expanded information in “Top-10” messages.
  • Added fullstop to “This trip can’t be interrupted right now” message.
  • Shoot the Core boss: added mirrored variation.
  • Each player can now only appear once in top-10 lists.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).



Seems like the Space Race will encourage Tourist skill level usage, as it’s the easiest skill and it has a damage bonus (unless that’ll be penalized?).

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Skill isn’t currently penalized. It’s going to be tough to find a balance between how much skill needs to be penalized to make it fair. We’ll collect data over the following week and see.

Does the unoriginality penalty affect time? If not,that actually means that you can get all 10 spots on the leaderboards

Oops, forgot this change:

  • Each player can now only appear once in top-10 lists.

How many accounts have been created in total?

where are Daily/Weekly/Race challenges?

I understand that satellites aren’t counted towards a time penalty? …could’ve gotten atleast one…

Someone gotta tell me what the heck this “Unoriginality” thing is…
So anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

When you play a mission again once you have already beaten it, you get less score.

@InterAction_studios why were all messages deleted?

So you will have to wait for Space Races! Muahahahaha!

Atleast you got a daily stipend!

and by the way @InterAction_studios is there somethik that i’ve done wrong that you remove me the regular status :nerd_face:?

just because your name is weird lmao

Pm this to them.

You can lose it if you don’t meet requirements.

Aaand…this just dropped out.

I have installed the update, but I haven’t really seen most of it, but everything sounds rather interesting.

PS: How do I trigger a challenge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if already known, but this is the upgrade price in the corresponding Heroware (where the legendary heat sink can be found),

this is the upgrade price of the same heat sink in a Heroware where that heat sink has no rarities,

and this is the upgrade price in the galactic store (note the much lower sell cost, but also lower upgrade cost)

Also, how about making certain gear have a tier requirement for purchasing? For example, the best engine could have a tier 30 requirement, so this could make the cheaper gear a bit more usable.


@GuestUniverse: A little over 3K.

@isp: Technical reasons. Their format changed, and it’s easier to delete them than upgrade them to the new format. They’re ephemeral anyway.

@gabytzu: We didn’t do anything, the forum software automatically adjusts levels based on participation over the last 100 days. If we understand it correctly, your account needs to give out 8 more likes to reach the ‘regular’ status.

@ChickenInvader45: You can’t trigger them – challenges will arrive in your inbox when it’s time.

@BoggY: Thanks! It’s a known issue, but fixing it is rather complex. It’s on our list.