Early Access version 121


Halloween edition! You know what this means! Be afraid, be very afraid! :bat: :spider_web: :drop_of_blood: :broom: :zombie:

In contrast to other CIU seasonal editions so far, new re-skin content has been created specifically for this one. Enjoy it while you can.

Also, a couple of other announcements:


There will be an Android version. And it’s coming soon. Like, real soon. Within the next month.

Well, sort of. It turns out that it’s too risky to release the iOS version directly, because in case of problems, all game updates must be first approved by Apple, which will take several days each time. So there needs to be a faster/easier way to update the game, at least for the initial few weeks. And the player base needs to be large enough to catch most bugs quickly. Hence, Android. There are some caveats, however:

  1. The game will be provided in .apk format, which you will have to install manually. No Google Play store version.

  2. No ads, no in-app purchases (except maybe through a web browser, like the stand-alone version).

  3. This will be an experimental version to work out the mobile port kinks, and it will be temporarily discontinued after it has served its purpose. If the iOS version goes well, then Android eventually appear officially in the store, but that is several more months down the line.


The game will exit Early Access on the game’s 4th anniversary (since version 1, namely December 15th 2018). What does this mean, exactly? Well, feast your eyes on this huge list of consequences:

  1. The startup Early Access nag screen will be removed from the game.

  2. New accounts will no longer receive the “Early Access” medal.

  3. That’s about it.

There really won’t be any more differences than that. Development will continue as usual. The rate of updates might slow down, and it might become necessary to split the game into “stable” and “beta” branches, but that will be more a result of releasing the smartphone versions rather than exiting Early Access.

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. Note that your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (put it in your forum profile where it says “name” so I can find it).


You will lose:

  • any mid-mission progress
  • your language selection


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.

  • :bug: “Compare” screen: Fixed 2nd player incorrectly showing 1st player’s quest rank icon also for per-hour stats (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed “Max Power!” bonus being awarded one level later than expected when collecting a gift (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: “Let the Games Begin/Rematch”: Prevented spawning of Phoenix breed (wasn’t properly changed in v.117) (@JenningsLA :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: “Shoot the Core” boss: Projectiles are now removed when barriers disappear (@RuLinh :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Bonuses shown are now taken into consideration when fading-out mission HUD when spacecraft is near it (@minhle07 :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: “Meteor Storm” wave: Rephrased “Watch your back!” to “Warning: Meteors could come from any direction!” for difficulties 100%+ (@RainbowBoyVN)

  • :bulb: “Dr. Beaker” boss: Projectiles are now removed when last secondary enemy is killed (@OrvilleTheOrca :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :gear: “Server is experiencing heavy load” message is now shown after database queue exceeds 40 items (was 25).

  • :bug: Fixed BX-8 pricing (rarity prices were inverted) (@MaybeOrandzaIdk @EmeraldBirb :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Quests: “Fly mission difficulty” goals now allow for a 1% leeway (to avoid rounding issues) (@Knightcap :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed Chiller slow-down zones being ignored when pause menu is invoked (@ScarletCuboids :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Quests: “Orbit landmarks (wormhole/asteroid belts)” goals now display actual names rather than just “wormhole” or “asteroid belt” (@neonep :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: Quests: Reduced maximum target for “Orbit landmarks (wormholes)” to 20 (was 30).

  • :gear: Strengthened anti-cheat measures (@iIfireIi :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: During each update, users that have been inactive in the League for more than 30 days now automatically leave the League (@herohesham :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :new: Added Halloween Edition content (@Piotrek1113 :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bug: Satellites now rotate together with spacecraft when Thrust Vectors are used (@iIfireIi :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed getting kicked out when completing long quest goals (@Alex_Titor :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: Made HQ2X independently controllable between generic/UI/font resources.

  • :bug: Electric environment immunity effect is now properly hidden when player dies while it is active (@RuLinh @OrvilleTheOrca :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: Galaxy help screen: Positioned dashed line better over galactic coordinates (@RuLinh :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bug: Multiplayer browser: Fixed sorting button appearing on top of tutorial (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: “Opportunistic” loading now only loads resources if there’s no keyboard/mouse/touch activity.

  • :bug: Feather Brain boss: Flare color is now yellow when feathers disappear (was white) (@minasam123 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed Toxic chickens releasing a visible but harmless cloud when directly hit by an ICBM (consequence of this fix: Toxic cloud is now not deleted when hit by fully-charged Absolver) (@minasam123 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Overheat zones and stasis (slow-down) zones now do not affect spacecraft during spawning/phase-out (@minasam123 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: Buttons and other UI elements now use “additive magic” (experimental).

  • :bulb: Dimensional Phase-out now costs 12 keys (was 10)

  • :gear: Reworked how FileManager handles overridden files.

v121.2 EMERGENCY PATCH (server-side)

  • :bulb: Quests: Reduced medal goals by 50%, increased “Fly mission type” and “Fly mission difficulty” goals by 25%, reduced “Use equipment” by 17% (@OneWingLunarian :medal_sports: Idea)

Uhh in full zoom out the galaxy looks blue. is that intended?

Wow… this hit me really hard. I really loved being here. I really loved this game. I hope it gets a very successful release. :heart:


Well so i think an idea like this:
You can imagine you use a device in a time, and them you keep them in a storage. After a long time, you use them again.
As you can see, after a long time, these devices become older, maybe there are some devices look like it’s damaged.

So iA, how about designing for technology bosses (such as Crab, UCO, ironchef,…) look like the old machines? That could be better than the spiderweb (because it already been in Henterprise)


I’m happy to hear that game is leaving the Early Access stage after almost 4 years!
Though, I have some questions regarding accounts and translations. At first, it was decided (?) that every single account will be reset but keys and medals would remain. Is this still going to be the case?

Also, the translations. Is the community tool still going to be present? Will those who contributed receive any rewards when the game leaves Early Access?

That being said, I want to congratulate on the game’s progress! It’s amazing!


It’s a oversight. I’m making a note to fix it (but only if another update comes before the end of the month)

Nothing will change except what is already listed.


Nothing beyond the medals. If there is ever a credits list (which is unrelated to Early Access), then their names may appear there. Major translators may also receive rewards as translations are finalized, but again that is unrelated to Early Access.


What will/would be the minimum requirements to run the CIU APK?


For the egg bosses (such as Yolk, Mysterious ship,…), they could be better if they have blood on their eggship.

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why chick gungaling didn’t change anything?..

Uncertain at this point, but will most likely be Android 5.0+, 64-bit, about 70MB storage.

I couldn’t be bothered to update the textures, because the chick is placed there in a non-standard way (it’s a billboard)


It runs very well on low-end pcs. It may work on any old Android devices.
Pretty sure it would run on old phones.

hmm hq1x?

Oh and what about tablet version

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Well if your phone runs ci5 expect it to run CIU aswell.

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HQ122x actually (single-resolution textures, double-resolution fonts and UI), but yes. There won’t be a “special” tablet version (that’s considered spam nowadays, apparently :angry: )

In terms of CPU, I think anything that can run the episodes will pretty much work for CIU too.


Well, as long as it can run on Android 12L, there shouldn’t be any issues.

got my arm64 android 13 phone ready to test, and another armv7 one in case it actually runs

Also, why?

good idea


Also, wanted to

Oh, apparently, we won’t get planetary missions, or a single new weapon.

Can we at least have atmospheric reentry in this short time? It takes least effort.

when will i get this