Early Access version 118

Not sure if this is a bug:

Context: Wave 8 was Planetary Egg City boss. I killed the boss and paused during warp. The HUD in the bottom-left corner shows 9/32 imply that I advanced to the wave 9. The title of wave 9 haven’t shown up yet. I paused and the current wave shown in the bottom-middle was still Planetary Egg City, which is wave 8 not wave 9.

Shouldn’t the HUD still show 8/32 instead of 9/32?


In multiplayer mode ,after i pass to wave 2 , disconnected and it brings me back to wave 1. A bug ?

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Maybe that’s a Stage Clear . You will have a moment to go to the next stage , then it will load the wave for you , it still keep Planetary Egg City until you go to Wave 9.

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the next wave name is not appear so is not a bug

Doubt that judging by the people who were concerned about it.

I said “Contain”, “Orandza!” is different from “Orandza” (the game prevents exact callsigns) which the former contains the real player name and that could confuse anyone, that’s the mechanic I was talking about to notify any player if his name were included in a callsign.

Your First Mission (Tutorial): Can you rename it to “Tutorial Mission” or “Tutorial”?


Eh people with short but popular callsigns like “bar” or “ron” might got flooded with notifications saying they might be impersonated.

So no. This problem is way more complicated and it’s very hard to know the intentions of people having similar callsigns to us. Since the game already prevent identical callsigns, I think we can go ahead, learn the difference between players’ callsigns and ignore them.

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We are not famous. And I am named “Baron FQ” not baron alone.

also lemme give an example: your current name is “QuackQuack” and someone decided to name himself “The QuackQuack Guy” where your name is included within. so you get sent a notification about it.

Mostly for impersonating purpose, and the other percentages represents griefing or misleading.

This is unnecessary and easy to bypass anyway.

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easy to bypass? how?

Aside from CHICKEN and CH1CK3N as an example, there are hundreds of languages and dozens of different alphabet styles that should be better spent for something else.

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OK. How will you deal with someone set his callsign to bɟ uoɹɐq, |34r0n fq, 13412011 F62, b4r0n fq, ]3ClPvº][ fq… for example? There’re plenty ways to evade the mechanism, such as those teencodes.

Well yeah, @GuestUniverse got a point.

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Fair Points I guess.


This is intended of you talk about this one, the wave counter gets updated immediately after you finish the one before it.

for the other one, I am not sure about it if this is intended or no.

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I wonder why Defeat is better than Surrender…


Surrendering is for cowards.


Because getting killed and remembered is better than running.

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And for testing new stuff.

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Or for those who died on wave 2 and have like 4fp


When it’s done.


Hmm… perhaps. I’ll look into it.

Changed in v.119 :medal_sports: Idea

Yes. But I won’t.

Not easily. It would be hard to come up with something good if you’re just slapping random paintjobs on there anyway.

They drop these (even in competitive) because there are other limits in place, so you can’t farm.

I’ve reserved environments for the intermediate and hard missions.

It wouldn’t look nearly as good when those planets repeat together with the texture. I could have independent planets, however. I’ll consider it. And someone will inevitably complain that the in-game planets don’t match the galaxy, ugh.

True, although they would still be completely separate from all the other missions (in terms of implementation). It’s the mission type most likely to be added (this doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, however)

How many fireballs are you usually hit by? You are trying to dodge them, are you not? :smirk:


Acknowledged; but too messy to fix.

Expected. If you were disconnected due to a network issue, it’s possible that the connection to the server was lost several seconds earlier, so the message that you finished wave 1 was never delivered.


If you have to ask that, recruit, then maybe you’re not UHF material :stuck_out_tongue: