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They look good, but maybe they should rarely appear?
So you don’t get to see the same planet over and over again.


Honestly I don’t feel like that people will be focusing on the planet all the time. While they shoud focus on enemies.

Also the nebula/galactic arms you see in the background gets repeated again. As I don’t see anyone being concerned about it.

I would, lol


I guess suggest to IA to make them rarely appear with a poll and we will see (after it gets added), maybe others can decide.

also do you like space that much? lol.

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I usually stare at it and look how beautiful iA’s accidents turned out

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seeing other planets in the background would be cool, but most likely hard to implement

I doubt they are. they can be set as background images which can be easily done.

besides I have seen minor space shooting games have this feature.

@InterAction_studios Why do we not have atmospheric reentry missions? They don’t really need a planet terrain generator, they’d just have a tiny platform to house its boss.
They’d look just like comet, feathers etc… missions, but like, CI5 flavor, with its victory theme being actually used for its purpose.

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ok i know this has been suggested like god knows how many times but, heres my own take on how to reduce coolant wastage by phoenixes

im sure people are aware that phoenixes can eat up all your coolants in no time (theres no delay between each coolant usage when more fireballs hit you)

i’d like to suggest making it so that when you are hit by a fireball, you will not be affected by more fireballs for the duration of the orange screen flash when you are hit by one
this should be more than enough to reduce the amount of coolants guzzled up by them


Suggestion on Coolants vs Fire Chicken Spam issue:
Coolants should drop an Ice chicken zone whenever it’s used.
If you got overheat while in an Ice chicken zone (which is def caused via fire chicken) you’ll use up the zone you’re at first, then the Coolant if you have it.

good idea bad idea
  • good
  • not good

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Suggestion: Remove Squadrons that are not yet official (not renamed yet) out of the Squadrons assignment menu.

(For this example, it’s the top one)

so i am using a H&C 101 and already reached max power , but why it doesn’t show :zap: + ?
The Mullers and BXs are still okay. Is this a bug ?
( In another case , if the :zap: + only applied with BXs and Mullers , which has ( + Max ) in it , can you make :zap: + also shown for H&Cs and VFs if they reach their max power ? )

You should know that H&C and Superiority doesn’t support “+MAX” power.


I owe you for saving my nine poor coolants. take my agreement.


ia Is this on purpose or is it a mistake?

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For thundercluck, he have no hitbox until he prepare his guitar. the guitar is the first hitbox.

for dr.beaker, his head doesn’t count as a hitbox unless you destroy all his potions.

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So based on Orandza’s report, I will suggest this, I dunno if it will be effective but here it is:

If any player have a callsign that includes other’s people’s callsigns, How about sending those people a notification that somebody did it?. This might help in making others notice it fast and go ahead to complain about it.

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No. In most cases players don’t care about it, and the game has already prevented exact same callsigns, so if anyone tries to impersonate as you it will be easy to explain your yourself.

Screenshot (260)

Misleading so fix this? (the arrows meant to show where would the meteor comes
This is what the player thinks

This is what the game does

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Since the meteors also come from behind addition to old directions, I suggest changing the warning from “Watch your back!” to “Look in all directions!” for clarity.