Early Access version 119

As long as it’s doesn’t end up being a player-customizable option, I’m fine with any of these.

There’s no generic support for that, but I could hack something together just for this case.


I don’t get how?, You can place it right next the weapon bio like this:

OK I will poll it. Consider Extra Lives (5 x 10 keys) be discounted to 4 x 10 keys in a regional store (Aftermarket, Shade Dealer).

How would you all like the discounts to be displayed?
  • Show the original price with strikethrough (5 x 10)
  • By number of keys discounted for each unit (- 1 x 10)
  • By total keys discounted (- 10)
  • By percentage (- 20%)
  • By arrows (like Price Insight)
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For me, total keys discounted will look more clearer than the others.

Especially for those who are bad at math.

When I shoot supernova debris, sometimes they may split into bigger pieces
Here’s an example

(speaking about atmospheric reentery)

Do they really need to be separate? Like, wouldn’t they fit in a typical hybrid mission?

In CI5, you get to play normal waves, and these waves as well.

Server side or my side?

It is your internet, There is no another server side apply.

Known. The pieces are random. They are scaled down 70%, but sometimes even that is not enough to make them actually smaller. Also see this:

Theoretically they could, but the transitions (from space to planet and back to space) would be messy in terms of implementation.


The issue is from your side.
I guess Other side to mean Server side, simply, your internet didn’t receive anything from the server. Therefore the game thinks it’s the server’s fault.
I might be wrong though, but the issue is from your side.

Didn’t you just use a space background connected to earth atmosphere then sky?

Confusing by the way how it said

“Other side is unresponsive” simply means that no data was received for the last 30 seconds. There’s no way to know who is to blame. The server might be stuck (has never happened so far), or there might be a temporary network connectivity issue (it could be your Wi-Fi, or your provider, or anywhere between your location and the server)


Nice, I was correct


I think IA meant making both transitions to happen in the same time (like hero entering the planet and then return back at the same mission) would be very hard to implement.

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Oh yeah, exiting the planet would look weird.

Tho it would be interesting to have the ability to see “Sent | Received | Latency” which can be enabled and disabled like show fps

In The Sands of Time wave, I tried to kill the chicks in the middle column and the Alien Container still drop down, making some chicks shown render behind it and some in front of it. Though

I tried to kill all the chicks in the middle column and the container dropped to the bottom.

This is not a big problem anyway, but can you prevent them from stacking on each other? It looks weird. Maybe I’m being a bit nitpicking for discovering this.

It doesn’t look weird to me, but it looks intended to me.

The chicks have their own Z coordinates to appear either behind or infront of the container, just like how we see some chickens behind or infront of each other.

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