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I really want a no heat generation mode for CI2’s anniversary.


Seeing as the ci1 anniversary mission was kept for so long even after the anniversary was over, I feel like this feature should be kept too.


Alright then, we shall vote on the poll above:

Discord RPC (with icon and stuff like current status and stuff like Line 1 “Flying {mission name}” Line 2 “Wave 4/23”)

Already suggested a very long time ago.

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Glad that you are fixing this, Now please understand intentions of things before doing anything you will regret for.

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For those who missed these polls: (I’ll leave em on for another day before I close it)

Also, we should consider setting the Overpowered buff’s score to 150k instead of 100k,
as 30 = 1.5x20, so its previous score buff should also be applied too, yeah?

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Already fixed:

It will come back in December, when it’s time for the anniversary.

I don’t really want to integrate yet another API.


Not really a bug but definitely a guaranteed death. In Egg Cannon, There is required damage to trigger the third attack (red lasers), But sometimes we trigger this attack while it begins the 2nd attack (the 3 orange beams), in better means, The Egg canon fire both at the same time if it gets enough damage to unlock the third attack.

Definitely not a guaranteed death. It’s totally avoidable unless you get yourself in such a position.

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I sometimes die to that.

I didn’t survive it before. and this can be unfair who don’t know this trickery.

Well I did and I know it’s very much possible. It does catch you by surprise but it is avoidable. And you see it happen with the orange lasers because they, like any egg cannon attack, get triggered instantly when you get to the phase that introduces it, so you should expect it with the other attacks too.

Other attacks give you space to dodge, this attack gets you stuck in a deadend until it gets you.

Skill issue.

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Probably, Or it is just you triggered it later than I did.

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People accidentally doing this in multiplayer is frustrating.


Then don’t play multiplayer

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