Early Access version 118

Here’s a small list of ideas:

  • Can Wave Insight show “Mission Complete” as the “next wave” if we’re at the final wave?

  • Can Spawners should also turn off their lights (the lights around the circle) to be more consistent with the other invincible metallic barriers in the waves?

  • Can the “Acrobatics” waves should have danger zones where the chickens initially appear at?

  • Squeeze Through: You cannot squeeze through the vertical barriers if you’re using a big ship.
    Should the barriers be replaced with balls so you can actually squeeze through and take aim?
    Otherwise you’re gonna be there for a while (or outright skip it with missiles/ICBMs).

  • Also, why does the balloon chickens always “fall” towards the bottom of the screen and not where “gravity” is pointing towards?

The wave spawner spinner is brutal

I know you can beat it easily but it’s beyond some of the pros.

I suggest zooming out the wave OR make the enemies only spawn inwards

What do you think
  • Yes (zoom the wave out)
  • Yes (Make enemies spawn inwards)
  • Yes (Both)
  • No (Leave it as is, skill issue)

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Is it just me or is the phoenix a bit too wobbly compared to other chickens?

I don’t maintain this information, so no.


There’s no medal. But I’ve added a mention.

Fixed in v.119 :medal_sports: Bug

I don’t know what it is, but since you’re running a modded version of the game, I can’t really investigate.


Barriers and spawners are two separate objects, there is no need to be consistent.

Added in v.119

Sure you can.

Because design decision.

Changed in v.119



Thank you.
Seriously, why are you reporting ‘bugs’ for an intentionally broken graphics mode.


maybe he doesn’t know about older version of DirectX


In Shoot the core, when the gun barriers go off screen, I can still hear them shooting

Finally someones understand the point of these things.


that’s because they ARE shooting

you just dont see it

Shooting to nowhere I guess

It’s trying to break the right side of your screen so it attacks you irl

Yea, I don’t know much.

Disinegrating Emoji Pixelized

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Then don’t take everything right according to your knowledge, this -2002 is supposed to be glitched, then leave it glitched.


where did you get the recording of my despair?

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Fine, I’ll leave it.

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Doesn’t matter since the -2002 is now a goner, right?


I’m not mad at you, Plasma.

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What I am trying to tell him is to learn intentions of things first and stop taking everything according to his knowledge so he don’t mess everything up and ruin it. this sucks.

-2002test was just making CIU low quality edition
that’s all it was
and good job whoever asked to remove this command
you ruined the day.


Might as well pay an early tribute by playing with it for the rest of the version