Early Access version 111

I had the idea that different families of ships should have a corresponding explosion and sound when they die. For example, models 101, 201 and 301 explode less sharply and violently when they die, while BX make a more destructive explosion and sound when they die.

Also, do not forget about the thunderstorm, if you are not on the 76 model. But in principle, a cool idea.

Define “Thunderstorm”

storm with thunder

Slower bolts mean that the distance between them and the last fired barrage of bolts is lowered (because lesser pixels per second as movement speed), and therefore can have a higher chance to wall you in and get hit.

Idea: Change the projectile color from the red saucer from orange to red
Another one: For some reason when you finish or surrender a Daily Mission or Weapons Training when you try to fly it again to says “You have already flown this mission, You can fly it only once” while the button is clickable and then if you come back to that page it is still clickable.
The point is that make the buttons not clickable after you finished or surrendered it and when you come back to that page.

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But I don’t get what that has to do with the Frozen Chick idea.

Oh. so one last thing to try, make the firerate of those bolts long.

also, a quick resuggestion to maybe give you some ideas for the hot environment?

Idea: In the overheat bar add a flame effect when your near overheat.

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2db’s new theme was so fire the game took it seriously.


IA, I was wondering if you could actually make the enemies pile up (not just the enemy lines) during the ‘‘Stacker’’ wave instead of leaving permanent gaps like in this picture:


iA, can you add “danger zone” for “Hammertime” wave, similar to the “Yin And Yang” & “Yang And Yin” wave?

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Inbox buttons can’t be disabled in advance, because the information about whether the mission has been flown is not known until you actually click on them.

That would make it too similar to Effervescence, I think.



After the new music is done, shall you add it to the store at first? (With a warning that it maybe remove in the future)


They won’t be removed at all, since they are original


So, Regarding the reverted thundercluck’s buff.
how about a longer firerate for these bolts. this is the last thing I could say to fix the difficulty of this buff, also if it is going to be implemented then share the medal to @Recruit_75 since he also suggested that back in v109 when it was added.

More changes for waves I have noted:

  1. Barrier bomb for that indestructible barriers in “splat!” wave, I don’t get why killing chickens around it unlocks it when this thing exist.
  2. A Danger zone for stacked wave. I didn’t see one since the last time I tried it.
  3. A Danger Zone for Swimming in space/Do the backstroke waves. this might not be necessary but I discovered that chickens can spawn very near to the bottommost part where the player lies. and might crash with him.
  4. a safe zone located in either right, left, middle in Panzer Strike Wave. Because only danger zones are located in the bottom but enemies appear from above too and not any other side.
  5. A smaller danger zone for three ring circus because it looks it is unnecessarily big. while enemies travel towards the middle of the screen where it is something that doesn’t reach the bottom even.
  6. A longer firerate for the enemies in the treasury wave. despite the last nerf. the gatling and laser chicks fires too fast and do no even let a chance to damage them.
  7. Earlier Appearance for the alien container in over the rainbow.
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What about this one?


Is it gonna be look like in frozen environment?
Also how about in competitive missions?


It would be distracting, in my opinion. Indicator shouldn’t take too much attention from the game process. By the way, we already have a ghost trail flash whenever overheat signal plays.


IA, can you make the safebox appear on screen earlier during the ‘‘Over the Rainbow’’ wave since many players like me tend to ‘‘speedrun’’ it without being able to destroy that safebox before it disappears?

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