Changes to Environments (Ideas)

Has a layer of fog that gets increasingly dense. Remove it by moving around in general. Will be denoted with a windy sound that gets louder the denser it is.

Overheat rate will start at the normal 100% instead. The heat rate will start increasing by 1% per second, for every extra second you take after 10 seconds have passed since the start of the wave. The overheat rate will reset to 100% after the wave ends.
Caps out at 150%.

Hellfire (sun):
Solar Flares manifest at random spots every so often. Standing in them causes you to start overheating fast (with a damage boost effect).

EDIT: Now that Flasks that make you overheat instantly exist, this could be made now. A reskin of the heat flask, but it looks like a fireball, and standing in the flare would make you overheat really quickly.

For both Hellfire and Hot:
Getting too close to where the sun is shining, will cause you to start overheating slowly. This is denoted with a kettle whistle sound.


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