[Mission Type Idea] Hybrid missions

NOTE: In order to avoid any potential confusion, this mission type isn’t a bunch of mission types in a row, instead it’s elements from several different types at once, hence the “hybrid” title, a combination, not a medley

Reposted from the Early Access 11.2 post, mostly because it went unnoticed, and also to share this as a proper idea. (it you wanna read it, the original post is here: Early Access version 11.2 (my post) (sorry, can’t quote it, post is locked)

Anyway, so Hybrid missions would be a combination of multiple mission types, the outcomes would define the style of the mission and the waves that would spawn.

If you’re confused, then here’s a couple of ways on how these can be combined:

  • Darkness missions would have the filter applied to that mission
  • Squawk Block would stick you to the bottom of the playfield (the only problem being that zooming out would be glitchy/not look good)
  • As for Droid Raid and Retro, I have no idea (I imagine that combining them together would show waves from both mission types)
  • Boss rushes wouldn’t be combined with anything but Darkness
  • As for Chicken Invasion? Would probably not be mixed with anything

The mission type would also show exactly what types of mission would be combined (Example below)

Mission name

Hybrid mission (Darkness/Retro)

The icon would be a spiral, and the color, I haven’t decided yet, but I imagine a hybrid/gradient of the colors of the mixed mission types (if possible, of course, otherwise if it isn’t, please suggest a color for this type)

Please let me know your opinions on this idea, if it needs any changes, or if it’s good as it is. Also, if you make mockups based on this idea, feel free to post them (I didn’t have time to make one)

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I don’t think it’s neceſſary. If you like changing miſſion types frequently, juſt fly ſhorter miſſions.

This concept isn’t “multiple mission types happening in a row”, but rather “gimmicks from multiple mission types at once, with few exceptions”

To simplify, imagine a droid raid mission with the “darkness” filter

Few exceptions means that it has it’s limits, for example, multiple “wave” mission types (Droid Raid, Asteroid and Retro) can’t happen at once (if they could, it would be waves from all types), this also means that literally not everything can be combined with Boss Rush. Also, no “all types at once” kind of missions, if you’ve been wondering about it