Early Access version 103

I mean if you already proposed yourself to play Ironman you probably knew how hard it is


No, not only ironman but also all the chicken invasion (even darkness) mission.


there is a glitch with the Arabic language where if you had an English name and use the Arabic language on
it will flip the English name

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Huh, apparently there’s something weird with steam version. The game doesn’t let to log in into the game.
It’s being reported by others on the discord server (with me including)

Same. The loading screen has gone infinite.

There is a problem with steam users who can’t login into the game
when you are on the login page it doesn’t load
and the languages page doesn’t load either
for most the people

I think it is a server problem
I first got it when I left the game and then reconnected
I think the problem is common

it is just stuck at the logging page and never load

I tried restarting the pc
uninstalling the game and reinstalling it
nothing got fixed
I tried using my guest account didn’t load
so yeah that is the whole problem

The problem happened with me in 1:40 am Cairo timezone

apparently, if you want to login to the server you have to Download the Stand-alone version
which you can download from this link

or you can also download it from this Topic

If you didn’t link your account I think you can’t play with your account in the meantime
so please wait till it is fixed

Note: You Should Link your account Right away if this problem got fixed

Did this problem happened to you while you are using the Chicken Invaders Universe Steam version ?
  • Yes
  • No

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reinstall game then you can enter

Already suggested.

How to change loadMode to immediate?

Yeah, I got the same situation like you too.

@InterAction_studios, you have to do something. I think login page of steam version has some problem and cannot play from in-game. When you respond to all steam user about this one, please fix it fast.

You’re only hope

Only numbers is that right

First open this file: C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\103\CIU.cfg

Then check the loadmode value part, if the value is 1, change it to 0 and it should load all the game files as soon as you run the game.

Let me know if this worked.


There is a small problem. I am in the stage of the president’s rush. When I move the mouse professionally, I start to worry because it stops moving. It does not move anymore, and after removing the mouse link, it came back again. Does it solve a problem @InterAction_studios?

this wormhole wave İTS an the hardest wave ever i cant complete this wave without hen solo helper!

hen solo too weak,he even can’t kill basic chicken

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sir please just give up already he’s not gonna be added

Why would you ever want Hen Solo so badly when you can have Multiplayer for fun

this answers your question regarding that


because hen solo can kill in every enemy!