Early Access version 06


Oh, almost forgot! If you want to see a LOT of glitches, try to play with graphic tablet :wink:

P.S. Yes, I can be the only person here who played this on wacom, so just ignore this pls, because chances that somebody will try this are VERY low.


First thing I noticed…
Why is the wingstreak at full length when flying vertically?
Can that be changed back? I think it was better that way.




I just got this bug during the Daily Challenge for today. In fact, I got it not too long after I downloaded this update.


It might be very minor,and not that important,but…why do certain enemies not count towards the multi-kill bonus? So far,I noticed that,no matter how quickly I destroy barriers,I never get the multi-kill bonus. Not sure if it happens with other enemies,but I was just wondering if it was intentional,and will it be changed?


Because obviosly Barriers have no souls. Seriously though it would be good to give them souls.


Nobody would congrulate us in a space war if we break barriers.


No bar would buy food from people


Wow,perfect answer. But how do you know that they don’t have a soul?


Testing. . .


Barriers don’t counts towards multikill but falling UFOs does, for some reason…




Hey,IA,I just attempted to use vulcan chaingun with bullet spray items,and I…haven’t really noticed any changes. Condensers don’t really seem to make it more focused,and expanders don’t seem to make its spread wider. I noticed that it applies to all projectiles that go directly forward,but with vulcan,even if overheat is high,and the projectiles spread a lot,I haven’t noticed it being any different when I tried to use it with condensers,and it wasn’t any different with expanders,either. Is it a bug?


Ah – yes, the new Vulcan is unaffected by these powerups. It’s a bug, will be fixed.

All weapons with projectiles that travel straight ahead (e.g. Boron, Neutron) are unaffected. This was by design, but… hm… it will also probably be changed as well.


I noticed that the easy and hard dailies had their names swapped, atleast when you start them.


Ouch. Will be fixed.

Update: Ok so this will be fixed server-side. Server will reboot in about 10 minutes. The Top-10 message you receive tonight (for the previous day’s scores) will have mixed-up headings, but starting tomorrow things will go back to normal.


So… will you change the laser gun as well? I wonder how it would look like… Also, can we eqiup more than 5 bullet spray items at once? I would try out extreme spread.


Now that the Henterprise is invulnerable between switching sides, why do the projectiles it shoots get removed? If you get it to start switching sides at the start of a long attack, then it will keep moving until it’s done, but it won’t shoot anything.

Minor gameplay bugs

@cook1ee: The laser won’t change at this stage – we first want to introduce a new sniper-style instant-hit piercing weapon so we can balance both at the same time.
We’ll increase the expander limit to 10 and see (condenser limit will still remain at 5).

@EmeraldPlay: The invulnerability was added as a quick hack to stop if from getting destroyed while on the ‘wrong’ side of the screen, but a more elegant solution is needed. Will need to think about this some more…


@InterAction_studios when will they add the rest of the quests and the contents of ci3?