Different regions

I had a dream last week about a Major Revamp to CIU, Which is the only reason I’m finally back here to discuss my ideas:

Map rework ideas:

In certain areas discovered before by your spacecraft, The sky’s color should change depending on how concentrated your zoom in is on that area, And the region it currently is in.

Multiple Galaxies:
For the 1% of players who discovered the map completely and felt bored of knowing everything, And decided that they want their mystery factor back, Say no more!
By discovering the entire Galaxy, A special wormhole at the Galaxy’s center will open, And you’ll be given the coordinates to it through notifications!
Once you’re there, A cutscene plays out where you’re absorbed into the wormhole and sent to a neighbouring Galaxy not so far away!
It’s not just a 100% copy of the previous Galaxy however, In fact, A lot of things can be made differently to adapt to the new Galaxy!
Like a new HUD, New settings, New types of Star Systems, Boss Planets, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN CAN BE IMPROVISED!!!
Lemme know what yall think!

I’m sure there’s more but my phone is at 1%.


To add more. I feel like spending dev time on an area that would only be accessed by bored fanatics that explored whole map would be a waste.
Especially when we take into consideration the fact that the exploring the current galaxy in CIU is meh.

Lol other people thought of that too

You’re kinda right but also it would be fun making the game have even less bounds in terms of exploration
Is it non-practical? Yes and I see why

I’m of opinion that there is more than enough planets in CIU. Problem is that there’s not much to do on them. You literally still can stay in one place, not move and play dailies/weeklies all the time. And there were many ideas that were supposed to fix that:

  • space police could chase players out of one place (idk, a ticket for overstaying your parking/docking time)
  • colosseum (ekhem)

  • galaxy map events that could work like poison fog from battle royale games - you have to move or suffer the consequences
  • planetary missions - they could give some exclusive items that are not found in daily/weekly so there’s some incentive to explore the planets

And probably few more, but that’s from the top of what I remember.


This works too
Surprisingly well actually
To spice up the game this has to be added