Galaxy Warp: Unstable Dimension

"(static) We are currently broadcasting for you from the star system Canthus right now. Sorry for low reception because there is an anomaly right here. There is this weird portal right here and it’s a gap or something with eyes and two ribbons a crack of the galaxy. Going into this portal will make you go to another “dimension” and it is strictly forbidden unless you know what you’re doing. The reason is there is chickens over there and they’re way, WAY stronger than before.

Also, entering this without any preparation and or enchanting the equipment will cause your spacecraft go unstable and boom due to its environment. Like, if we go in right now, the broadcast will stop and-"


“What? Oh shi- (inaudible)”

Note to self: if you want to go in there, enchant your equipments…

Unstable Dimension is another galaxy, it can be entered once you reach tier 99. The button locates in the profile screen will turn on once you met the requirements.

Upon entering: you’ll go to another world. Your score, your foods, your tier and your fuel too will be reset only in this dimension, you still keep your progress in the original one so don’t be scared. Your equipments are also here but however due to this dimension anomalous effect, they were unstable and unusable, you have to enchant it which I’ll talk about later.

Also, this dimension not use the keys like the original galaxy would use, but instead it’ll use

as currency here which I will also talk about it later.

The first time you enter this rift will give you items that compatible to use in this dimension. Like when you start playing the game, it’ll give you stuff like that but they’re all “Enchanted”. The galaxy map is nothing out of ordinary but like a regenerated map or something…or is it?

Chapter I: UI and stuff

Entering will cause your connection to the UHF disturbed and disconnected. All contacts and squadron are still available but you can’t check them or locate them. Contacts looking at you will display “Lost Contact” and it’ll not announce anything from you. The UHF League is also unavailable here.

No need to worry recruits with autophobia because you can still see other recruits if they’re in this dimension. You can still add contact, etc but remember that same thing will happen if you return.

Chapter II: Waves and Enemies

All missions in here are always >=40%. Tourist, Rookie and Seasoned skills are unusable here. All enemies and bosses health are multiplied by 50x. With this, you need to enchant your weapon. And enemies and bosses here are worth 5x more points

Chapter III: Equipments, Auto-Uses, Mountables, Spacecrafts & Weapons

Things gonna get magical here so iA, if you accept, you might want to modify it.

1. Equipments here, equipments that you brought in the original galaxy are unusable in this dimension. You need to enchant them. By that, you need to buy the “Equipment Enchanter” from the fortune tellers that lies in the unstable dimension. To enchant your item, the material you need are keys, the new currency and the “Equipment Enchanter”. The price is still unknown because I do not control the game.

2. Spacecrafts similar to the first one. Unenchanted spacecrafts could not be flagshipped.

3. Weapons also similar to the first one but weapons require level 8 (max level possible) to enchant. Enchanting this weapon will make it dealing 50x more damage (only take effect in the unstable dimension).

4. Mountables nothing change here. It just reset with 20 lives and 3 missiles. You might wanna buy them again.

5. Auto-uses cannot work here. So you have to buy yourself Celestial tier auto-uses. Color themes are intact.

Chapter IV: Currency, Local Store and Multiverse Store

As said, this dimension will not use keys as currency but

. Prices are the same like in the original one. Galactic store here is Multiverse store.

Once again, they use the Pink Diamond as currency. The factors here are the same as the original galaxy. You cannot sell any items that you brought from the original galaxy and same goes to the opposite, potato.

Anything to suggest? Informative criticism? Idk, just give me and I’ll respond it if I could. Anyway, have a nice day. Now scram!

Oh yeah I not finished yet


Might be better to have a nano-technological coating or trans-dimensional stuff instead of enchanting

oh god a prestige look alike


Pink diamonds, celestial tier equipment… major thonk.

It might be worth it if say, you could prepare your equipment beforehand, and travel between the two dimensions, could find new equipment, new ships, new chocken breeds, and new mission types. It could massively expand the worldbuilding started in Episodes 4-5 but if it’s a clone, then ehhh… no.

note that if there is anything that references something means they’re just coincidence I swear jesus christ

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you are under constant scrutiny

hey can you get enchanted things to normal galaxy?

Yeah but nothing will change, it just make you could use the equipments in the unstable dimension

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