[New Idea] More Universes

You know, even if we explore all of the galaxy in Chicken Invaders Universe, most of it will contain only chickens. Considering that game is spin-off of the CI franchise, it should also connect all those non-canonical editions in some logic way (except Christmas, it can be a cosmetical change).

  1. Black holes instead of showing only the retro waves can also include event-only waves (Turkeys for Thanksgiving or Bunnies for Easter) not being selectable from menu.

On these event-only missions, specific animal species appear (based on a particular event) with its unique waves, bosses.

  1. There is an another way to improve black holes: they can become entrances to other galaxies or even universes

As we all know, our hero has an appetite for any type of edible meat, so why not add more animal invaders to the roster?

Think about Piggly that we all saw in Chicken Invaders 2. She’s a pig and we eat pork, right? Some people can eat goats, horses, deers etc. They could possibly work in-game. However, considering the amount of work, that will go to that idea, I say they can appear as first official update to the full version of the game.

I know it’s a pretty insane idea… But think about as a possibility :wink:

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Didn’t know about that idead until now :thinking: Strange…

i hope this specie come someday.
Captura de pantalla (1553)

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Aren’t the squawk block chockens already aliens

They’re not cats though. “Feline” is what this means.

I think I saw someone who was really pissed off because it said “distract alien species”? And it was them missing the joke.


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