Deja vu: 3 new ideas from the past

Hi everyone! My callsign is Stardrone and welcome into my second craziest post ever!

In this topic I will repupose 3 old concepts of mine and completly overhaul them from scratch!

Time passed, I became good at the game, wich got significants updates.
Some of these ideas doesn’t work anymore or became outdated.

One concept became outdated (I mean… it was suggested first time before EA even started!), one wasn’t that useful and I wanted to remake the last one into something different but similar

I said enough,
Let’s start with this:

  1. New boss wave:

Unrecorded wave

Variation subtitles:
She looks familiar…
We studyed togheter at accademy!
I don’t want to hurt you… but I have to
Rebel incoming!

4 new bosses, one per variation:
1)The Rebel H&C version
2)The Rebel Muller version
3)The Rebel Henburner version
4)The Rebel Bomber version

HP:From 3 to 6 (Same for every version, changes on difficulty)

Weapon patterns: based off firepower lvl 8 and model volleys

Damage resistance: Any damage lower than one million will hurt the boss only by 1hp

Look: Every day a random paintjob from a random user (With CHL bought) will be chosen as the version’s look of the day. Hardpoints not included

Difficulty: start appearing from 80%+ difficulty

Placeholder theme: CIU main theme (action)

Original idea: My first boss idea for C.I.Universe

First rework of the idea:
New boss idea: The Rebel (reworked)

I was the first user in the forum history to suggest an Hero who decided to side chickens.
It became one of those “Oversuggested” questions (“PlAnEtArY m1ss10ns wHEN?”)

I think It’s time to make an unique boss out of this concept.
A fight when you play aganst an other… with the same equipement as you (as far as boss battles go)

In order to do that the boss will get attacks based on weapons and an unique pace of the boss fight:

She has really low hp (you will only be able to deal 1 hp damage to her), becomes vulnerable at the end of every pattern and every time you damage her she will become immune to damage until the end of another pattern.
Basically shield-extra life system for the boss.

The boss will move, fast around the screen always aimed at you (gyroscope mechanic). During some attacks it will try to cicle around you, forcing you to play near the center of the screen

This translates into the fact that the Rebel will be the first true endurance bullet hell fight ever introduced into the game (altrough yolk star covers a similar role)

H&C version
Approach player from the top

Attack 1: Circle around you and fires moron railgun for 4 seconds

Attack 2: Corn shotgun shots 3 times with delay between each of them, then a long delay, then popcorn shotgun is shot 1 last time

Attack 3: Dotted lines in an “A” pattern, followed by lightning fryer shot (lines follow the “no enemy” pattern that fryer has)

Attack 4: Moves at the center of the screen and unleash a mine. In order to avoid this attack you need to stay in one angle of the screen, otherwise… death.

Every enemy hp lost equals to faster attack pattern and bullets speed

(This version is based on my favorite ships and weapons)

Muller version
Approach player from the top

Attack 1: circle around the player shooting 3 times ion blaster

Attack 2: 3 dash attacks towards your location

Attack 3: dotted lines, then laser cannon shots

Attack 4: Missile attack! (She will deploy a missile that will slowly move to the center of the screen. Rebel won’t move. A safe zone warning appears near her. If you stay outside of the zone that’s a garanteed death.

Disables shields after attack 4, until damaged will move really fast and attack with neutron gun

Every enemy hp lost equals to faster attack pattern and bullets speed

(This version is based of CI2 arsenal)

Approach player from the top

Attack 1: Dotted lines all over the screen, laser cannon

Attack 2: Shoots a 1 second long burst of Photon swarm that will home toward your location

Attack 3: Vulcan chaingun nightmare, will lose accuracy over time

Attack 4: Deploy mine like H&C version

Disables shields after attack 4, until damaged will move slow and attack with an hypergun

(This version moves slow and its attack are slow and planned, like how you drive a bomber)

Every enemy hp lost equals to faster attack pattern and bullets speed

Approach player from the top

Attack 1: Charge towards the player 5 times with increasing speed each time while also shooting 1 Neutron gun shot before dashing. Then stop for a moment.

Attack 2: Will start shooting with moron railgun, becoming faster as he shoots. Then stops moving for a amoment.

Attack 3: Will move in a circle around the player, shooting utensil poker. Will move faster as she shoots. Then stops moving for a moment.

Attack 4: Missile attack like Muller version

Every enemy hp lost equals to faster attack pattern and bullets speed

(This version will change its speed randomly from slow to medium to fast in order to mess with you and mirror my concept spacecraft)

Final life phase
For every Rebel version at 1 hp.

Will move at the center of the screen in order to do the desperate final attack.

It will start charging an Absolver beam, aiming at your location and then will fire the beam while doing a 360° rotation (laser active) and deploying clucker bombs all over the screen.

After that, shields will turn off for 4 seconds.

It she doesn’t get damaged in time, the pattern will repeat until defeat.

Difficulty additions: From 90% difficulty attacks, movement and enemy bullets are faster (she uses legendary equipement) and activates a poultry playback whenever an hp is lost.
Desperate phase Absolver beam does a 450° rotation istead of a 360°

Hero quips:
“Why are you doing this?”
“Haven’t we met before?”
“(Callsign of a CHL player)… is that you?”

  1. Roaming planets

Sometimes a planet is yeeted into the depths of space, if it isn’t obliterated by a chatastrophic event (usually a supernova).

These “Planemos” are cold and without atmosphere but they still have percious materials that may be useful and obtainable in the future via mining.

In Chicken invaders universe, these planets are the new location of key rush missions.
They are coded as NPCs that moves trough the galaxy at a really fast speed.

Their meaning of existence is to add one more MMO feature in the game (currently the only ones are the search of legendary equipment and whormholes) and a new strategy revolved around waiting and plaining.

Players will need to cooperate in order to detect when a planemo will reach a particular zone and be able to grind keys in the most efficent way.
(With a “Planets tracking topic” in the forum).

Every month roaming planets change their orbits and their key rush becomes replayable again, forcing players to rediscover their path.

They leave an “orbit trail” (with similar colors of ciu background) in order to make finding them a doable thing.
I mean… whormholes are huge while these are smol

Original post:
New idea: roaming planets

  1. Henburner class spacecrafts

Original post:
New Spacecraft concept: Rooaster-class ships ["The hull can't handle more!" "Still... do it!"]

Have you ever get the feeling that we have no pro-oriented ship in the game?

This concept is all revolved around this tought.


Ok… kinda cursed picture but that’s an idea.
Basically it has an extra pair of “spicy” wings

Ships of this class have 2 gimmicks, Spicy wings and Overload, but weapon pods are sightly moved on the outside (Try equipping a pair of bullet expanders to understand) in order to balance things up and make it more unique

Spicy wings: The ship slowly becomes faster as long as you keep moving. Lose this bonus if you stay 3/3.5/4/4.5 seconds still (Depends on the model and rarity).
Starts as fast as a bomber, ends up as fast as fighters.
Can equip manovering jets to increase starting speed.
Affected by massive environments (Harder to build up speed)

Overload: Damage increase with overheat. From a 0% boost when fully colled down up to a 10/12% extra bullet damage near overheat. But at overheat the ship will explode (unless coolant canisters are equipped) so a legendary heat sink is reccomended

There are 4 ships of this class in order to give 4 different playstyles:

Mercury–>Cheaper, faster starting speed and smallest hitbox but has weaker abilities

Jupiter–>Strongest Spicy wings but weakest Overload. Biggest hitbox of the class (Still smaller than bombers)

Mars–> Strongest Overload but weakest Spicy wings Biggest hitbox of the class (Still smaller than bombers)

Venus–> Muller sized hitbox, fastest max speed and sightly better abilites than Mercury but lower than Jupiter and Mars. Most expensive

Better rarity influence starting speed, overload’s max damage boost and hitbox size.

What do you think about? Do you prefer the old versions or the new ones? What would you change?

Please let me know how to improve these concepts

(This is the last time I will rework Rebel, I swear)


Delete this word
But anyway good idea :+1:

Looks interesting the concept. Props for the cursed ship too :laughing:

Not a fan of the idea of rebel since chicken invaders isn’t known for boss fights against other ships. It doesn’t really fit chicken invaders in my opinion. But other ideas are wacky and fun, great job!


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