New idea: roaming planets


When a supernova happens it may happen that some of the orbiting planets can evade the lower gravity of the remains of the star and starts to roam over the universe (if they aren’t faded from existence by the explosion)

I think that a similar thing may be implemented in universe with some changes:

1)these planets (like whormholes) are located in the pure void

2)the planets are surrounded by 3/4 layers of asteroid belts (that are planned to be added) and can have moons too and a new exclusive orbiting location (go to 6)

3)all the missions here have a 250% key multiplier in addition

  1. (since the planet doesn’t have any star) all missions are darkness mission with frozen and electric environment applyed
    The tier reqiement is hight (from 35 to 40)

  2. unlike whormholes these locations are showed in maps

  3. a new orbiting location can be found: space ruins
    When the star fadeed the local shop was completly destroyed and the remains can be explored
    Explore the ruins daily to have a 20% chances to gain 50 keys

  4. chickens use these planets as their outposts


These type of planets are called ‘‘Planemo’’. Great idea btw.

Well… I think that “roaming” is more intuitive to a non-passionate about astronomy than the scientific name

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This is awesome! Pure perfection.

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