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Instead of having each person giving new ideas, the admin can add Create mode to the game so that players can create waves by themselves and then share them so that others can play and the admin can browse through the wave. Everyone comments and help with this idea, hope this idea will be approved by min admin to enter the game soon.


Thay vì mỗi người đưa ra ý kiến mới, admin có thể thêm chế độ Create vào game để người chơi tự tạo wave sau đó chia sẻ để người khác cùng chơi và admin có thể duyệt qua wave. Mọi người góp ý và giúp đỡ ý kiến này, mong ý tưởng này sẽ được min admin chấp thuận để sớm vào game.

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Already suggested and edit your post, instead of double posting.

it was already suggested by a lot

this is an example:


This’ll help you:

iA you should add this information at ⚠ Inactive game accounts will be deleted in v.71 too.

Let’s talk much about it

Who is vietnamese

This one from translate, if you didn’t understand what he speak
Instead of having each other leave a new comment, administrators can add a build mode to the game for players to create waves, then share them with others to play, and admins can browse every wave, leave a comment, and help comment. Hopefully this idea will get a minimum admin approval to get into the game soon.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


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