Custom missions

We all love to beat bosses that seem fair or unfair , or do squak blocks , Ect.
So I thought about something that will be cool.
The custom mission!
The custom mission works like this:

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If you are tier 15 or up , and explored 12 solar systems, you will get an achievement named “The custom player”
That achievement will unlock a favorite mission on always top named “Custom mission”
If you tap that mission on the to-do list will appear many waves , squak blocks , and every boss , A " how many firepowers you want in ( selected mission) , max 2 ?" Option and a “Do you want to add a gift box in (Selected wave)?”
When you selected all of the options on your mission it will appear the mission preparation screen and above the Backround selection it will appear a text box , next to the text box it will appear “Insert mission codename”
When you are done setting up the mission codename , it will appear in the insert codename mission this : Codename mission : (The codename you selected) Susesfully added.
When you press start mission it says the following things : “Do you want to add a charity?”
(Answer : yes or no ) and then it says : “Which weapon do you want to start the mission with?”
(All of the weapons in the CIU)
Then when you finish the mission you can add to your save custom mission section
And then…Voila!
You have your custom mission.
An Intresting day
-a person.



the settings you recommended needs a mod

idk if it is compatible or not

hope the mission results from this won’t count into your total


Are you referring tier score?

He means total the total of mission statics, waves, tier score, food, keys, etc.

Oh ok

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The last message was not the one , the only way is to have fun.

You said what firepowers do you want to start the mission so of course it wouldn’t be unfiar if it added to your total

or it counts as cheating

@Baron , Please edit your message.That one was not the one , I accidentally pressed paste at that message was to add it into another chatting game.I am so serious right now.
Sorry not sorry for bothering you.

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