Color Selection Rework

Part 1

i’ve been trying to customize my spacecrafts and themes and every time if i wanna use a color that isnt on the preset colors i have to go to the “Advanced color selection” segment. it would be really nice to add this feature where you can have some colors in a favorites list or have recently used colors.
here is the concept image.

Part 2

so let’s say i just spent all of my keys on a new spacecraft

in this care, i wanted to make it look like the spacecraft from ci4 but anyways
since i dont have enough keys, i’d have to play more missions just to do the design
so, i thought that maybe we can have a feature to “save that as a draft” and you’d pay for the design later
for example, i was customizing my spacecraft and now i need to pay 420 keys to apply the design but i don’t have enough keys for it and that means… i spent time to design the spacecraft for nothing
i thought, this would make it better and it would for sure save time
here are the concept images

the next time you spawn in the menu:


Well. If you are making a collection of spaceships (a family), this could actually be useful. Although I thought a bit about adding a “color palette”. (Just like we can edit HUD colors) I think this could organize your favorite colors a bit and also have lots of variations of them.


I would so happy if ia considered adding this feature in CIU, it would save a lot of time for spacecraft designers.
And maybe iA can also sell color palettes in the shop too if he wants to.


100% great idea i like it


I would be happy by using this feature ! We have color presets and more. I like it.


sound great :heart_eyes:


We want seasonal content back on andriod.

Also the option lets you to color your weapons like turning laser cannon into green.

this is actually so cool!!

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All seasonal content is always available in the standalone android version. Download the 32-bit version through the link just below the Google Play onebox. I’ll edit the FAQ entry addressing this later today. Done.


Your innovation is amazing on this idea, at least no one do that anymore for choosing any of colours light/dark instead of basic.

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As a spacecraft collector who plans to apply a unique color palette to every group of 4 different spacecraft (each spacecraft from a different family), this idea will make it a lot easier and time-saving, and I approve it for its structure and usefulness.

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All that remains is for IA to accept

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I had a similar idea during my cringe era (I still am)

I usually spend 30 minutes on a specific color (check my BXs) so this would be very intellectual.

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This needs to be added yes just pray ia agree with this

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How do we get it? If devs make an update and it will be available on painting spacecraft place and cost like 45 keys or an option can be bought in the shop for 200 keys which lets you to change the color of the bullets you fire.

just use a mod for 0 keys

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What Star Light said. Scroll down until you see the MediaFire link and click it to download the mod. You will also need a mod installer which you can find here:

Added in v.145 :medal_sports: Idea

(This change only applies within a single customizable theme/spacecraft/hardpoint, e.g. applying a consistent color to all wings/pods/fuselage/pylons etc. Implementing a generalized “favourite” colors list would be much more demanding process.)


It’s now the time for more unique styles.